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Full text of "Manual of the Rhode Island society of the Sons of the American revolution, 1900-1910, inclusive;"

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Class £ ZO 7 , 
Book J^^^ 

M)ahe 3lBlan6 ^nrnty nf tijr 
S^ouB nf tl|0 Ammrau SpunUtlinu 

(Eontmittpp of Publtraltnn 



o S 

J5 5 





EI|olJ^ ilslanb ^nrtplg 


1900-1910 inclusive 

Organized February 1, 1890 
Incorporated February 18, 1891 






Table of Contents 


-> Officers of the Rhode Island Society 6 

Board of Managers / 

Delegates and Alternates to the National Society 8 

Officers of the Society, 1900-1910 inclusiyo 9 

Charter 13 

By-Laws H 

List of Members 25 

Records of Rcyolutionary Ancestors 47 

In Memoriam 91 

Chapters of the Rhode Island Society 97 

General Greene Memorial Association 99 

Grayes of Rcyolutionary Soldiers 100 

Ryents Relating to the American Reyolution 109 

Capture of Prescott 125 


Burning of the British Schooner " Gaspee " Title 

Frederic Willard Easton (> 

Charles Dean Kimball *> 

Francis Eliot Bates . . ... 24 

James Mitchell Varnum 48 

Nathanael Greene 56 

Christopher Greene 64 

John Sulliyan 72 

Memorial to " Our French Allies " 80 

Esek Hopkins Monument 88 

Capture of General Prescott 125 



l&l}aht ilalaui ^nmtg 



Elected February 22, 1910 

President — Frederic Willard Easton, Pawtucket. 

Vice-President — Charles Dean Kimball, 459 Washington St., 

Secretary — Christopher Rhodes, 290 Benefit St., Providence. 

Treasurer — Arthur Preston Sumner, 639 Banigan Building, 

Registrar — Francis Eliot Bates, Oak Lawn. 

Historian — Robert Perkins Brov^n, P. O. Box 1450, Providence. 

Chaplain — Rev. Samuel Heber Webb, 21 Adelaide Ave., Provi- 

Poet — John Prescott Farnsworth, 42 Tobey St., Providence. 


(§fRctts of tl|f Bat'itt^ 7 


The Board of Managers consists of the officers of the Society and 
five members and the Presidents of the local Chapters. 

Edward Bo wen Hamlin 

George Thurston Spicer 

Frederic Dickman Carr 

Albert Lawton Calder, 2d 

Charles Warren Lippitt 
Henry Maitland Gibson — Bristol Chapter No. i 
Robert Perkins Brown — Providence Chapter No. 2 
Frederic Willard Easton — Pawtucket Chapter No. 3 
Howard Vernon Allen — Kent County Chapter No. 4 

a. 3. B'oriPly of tl|? B, A. iS. 

Delegates and Alternates elected to the Congress of the 
National Society S. A. R., 1910: 

Delegate at Large 

William Chace Greene 


George Curtis Darling 

Henry Clinton Dexter 

Richard Martin Bowen 

Howard Vernon Allen 

Joseph Balch 

Albert Lawton Calder, 2D 


Joseph Henry Foster 
John Oliver Darling 
Orrin Luther Bosworth 
William Manuel Peres Bowen 
George Carpenter Arnold 
Thomas Wilson Chace 
Lewis Howe Kalloch 
• Edward Bowen Hamlin 

Henry Van Am burgh Joslin 

was nominated for Trustee of the National Society, S. A. R., for 

Charles Dean Kimball 


1900—1910 inclusive 





*ELISHADYER 1903-1904 







I 902- I 903 
1 904- 1 905 







* Deceased. 


lo iR. 31. i>0ri^ty nf % B, A. S. 







FRANCIS ELIOT BATES 1907-in office 


§ EDWARD FIELD 1 900-1 901 








REV. SAMUEL HEBER WEBB 1904-in office 






* Deceased. § Resigned. 

dhartrr nnh lij-iGaltifi of tli? 

ai|obr Miixnh ^nrtptg of tlir Bom of tl)p 

Amrrtran Spholutinn 


Adopted February 22, 1894 


Ix General Assembly 
January Session, A. D. 1891 


(Passed February 18, 1891.) 

It is enacted by the General Assembly as follozvs: 

Section i. W. Maxwell Greene, William W. Hoppin, 
William Goddard, Albert Gallatin Barton, E. Benjamin An- 
drews, Daniel B. Pond, and their associates and successors, 
are hereby made a corporation by the name of Rhode Island 
Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, for the pur- 
pose of cherishing and maintaining the Institutions of Ameri- 
can freedom, and perpetuating the spirit and memory of the 
deeds of the patriots who achieved American independence, 
with all the powers and privileges, and subject to all the duties 
and liabilities, set forth in Chapter 152 of the Public Statutes, 
and in any acts in amendment thereof or in addition thereto. 

Sec. 2. Said Corporation may take, hold, transmit and 
convey real and personal estate to an amount not exceeding 
twenty-five thousand dollars. 

Sec. 3. This act shall take effect immediately. 
A true copy. 
Attest : 
[seal] GEORGE H. UTTER, 

Secretary of State 


Now in force 



The purposes of this Society are patriotic and social ; to 
cherish and maintain among ourselves and our descendants 
and in the community the institutions of American freedom; 
to perpetuate the spirit and memory of the deeds of the patriots 
who achieved American Independence and who secured to us 
the blessings of liberty ; to promote the fitting celebration of 
anniversaries commemorating the events connected with the 
War of the American Revolution ; to collect and preserve docu- 
ments and relics relating to said war ; and to promote social 
intercourse and fellowship among its members now and here- 



Any man shall be eligible to membership in this Society 
who. being at least twenty-one years old and a citizen of good 
repute in the community, is the lineal descendant of an ances- 
tor who was at all times unfailing in his loyalty to and rendered 
actual service in the cause of American Independence, either 
as an officer, soldier, seaman, marine, militiaman, or minute- 
man in the armed forces of the Continental Congress, or in 
any one of the several Colonies or States ; or as a signer of the 
Declaration of Independence ; or as a member of a Committee 
of Safety or Correspondence ; or as a member of any Conti- 
nental, Provincial, or Colonial Legislature ; or as a recognized 
patriot who performed actual service by overt acts of resist- 
ance to the authority of Great Britain. 

iBy-ICahJB 1 5 



All applications for membership in this Society shall be in 
duplicate, upon blank forms furnished by the Society, and 
each application shall be accompanied by the membership fee, 
which shall be returned if the applicant is not accepted. Such 
applications shall be submitted to the Registrar for examination 
and shall be reported by him to the Board of Managers. The 
applicant shall become a member of the Society when his appli- 
cation shall have been approved by the Board of Managers and 
by the Registrar General and when he shall have subscribed to 
the Charter and By-Laws. 



The membership fee shall be one dollar and the yearly 
dues shall be two dollars and such assessments as the Society 
shall order from time to time, not exceeding the sum of three 
dollars for any one year. The payment of fifty dollars by a 
member at any one time shall constitute him a life member, 
and he shall thereafter be exempt from the payment of annual 
dues ; and any amount so received shall be set aside and 
invested as a permanent fund, the income only to be used for 
such purposes as the Board of Managers shall determine. 
Annual dues shall be paid to the Secretary on or before the 
22d day of February in each year, but members joining the 
Society during the last quarter of the year ending February 21, 
shall not be liable for the payment of dues for the year pre- 
ceding. The Secretary shall notify any member nine months in 
arrears, and non-payment of dues within three months there- 
after shall be regarded as terminating the membership of such 
person unless he shall present a satisfactory excuse acceptable 
to the Board of Managers. 



A meeting of the Society for the election of officers and 

1 6 iS. 31. ^oriptg of tlie g'. A. IS. 

other business shall be held annually in the city of Providence, 
on the 22d day of February at 12 o'clock, noon, at such place 
as may be designated by the Board of Managers. Upon the 
completion of such business as shall be appropriate to the 
annual meeting, it shall adjourn, and the adjourned meeting 
of the Society shall be held on the same day, or some other day, 
at a place which shall be provided by the Board of Managers, 
where a dinner shall be served, at which the retiring Presi- 
dent shall preside. Included in the exercises attending the 
annual dinner shall be a toast, "To the Patriots of the Ameri- 
can Revolution." Whenever the 22d of February shall fall on 
Sunday, the annual meeting shall be held on the following day. 

The Society shall hold at least one meeting in each year 
for the purpose of celebrating some event in Revolutionary 
History, at such time and place and in such manner as may be 
determined by the Board of Managers. At any meeting of the 
Society a C|Uorum shall consist of ten members. 

Special meetings of the Society may be called by the Presi- 
dent, and shall be called by him when directed so to do by the 
Board of Managers, or whenever so requested in writing by at 
least fifteen members. Thereupon the Secretary shall mail to 
each member a notice of such meeting and of the business to 
come before it, at least forty-eight hours before such meeting. 

The following shall be the order of business at the annual 
meeting : 

1. Reading and approving the record of the last 

annual meeting. 

2. The President's annual address. 

3. The Secretary's annual report. 

4. The Treasurer's annual report. 

5. The Registrar's annual report. 

6. The reports of Committees. 

7. The election of Officers, Delegates, and Alternates. 

8. Unfinished business. 
Q. New business. 



The officers of this Society shall consist of a President, 
Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Historian, 
Chaplain, Poet and five members, which together with the 
Presidents of such Chapters as now are or hereafter may be 
organized, shall constitute the Board of Managers. These 
officers excepting the Presidents of Chapters shall be elected 
by ballot by a majority of the members voting at the annual 
meeting and they shall hold office for one year from the 
adjournment of such annual meeting, or until their successors 
are duly elected. 



. The President, or, in his absence, the Vice-President, or. 
in the absence of both President and Vice-President, the Chair- 
man pro tern, shall preside at all meetings of the Society and 
of the Board of Managers and shall have the casting vote. 
The presiding officer shall preserve order and shall decide all 
questions of order S4.ibject to appeal to the meeting. He shall 
present an address in writing at the annual meeting at the end 
of his term of office. The President and Vice-President shah 
not be eligible for re-election as their own successors. In the 
event of the absence or death of the President, the Vice-Presi- 
dent shall perform all the duties prescribed for the office of 



The Secretary shall receive all money from the members 
and shall pay it over to the Treasurer, taking his receipt for 
the same. He shall conduct the general correspondence of the 
Society. He shall notify members of their election to mem- 
bership and to office, and of such other matters as the Society 
may direct. He shall have charge of the seal and such rec- 
ords of the Society as are not herein given especially in charge 

1 8 1. 3. B'onply nf tl|p B, A. IS. 

to the other officers of the Society, and together with the pre- 
siding officer he shall certify all acts and orders of the Society. 
He shall, under the direction of the President or the presid- 
ing officer, give notice of the time and place of all meetings of 
the Society and of the Board of Managers and shall attend 
the same. He shall keep accurate reports of the meetings of 
the Society and of the Board of Managers. He shall give 
such notice of the votes, orders, and proceedings of the Society 
and of the Board of Managers as they shall direct, and he shall 
submit a report in writing at each annual meeting. As a guide 
to the Board of Managers in admitting new members, the Sec- 
retary shall make known to all members of the Society all 
applications for membership at least ten days before the meet- 
ing of the Board, when such applications shall be acted upon, 
and shall request all members to make known any reason for 
the non-acceptance of any application, stating that such com- 
munication shall be regarded as confidential. 



The Treasurer shall deposit all money received by him in 
bank in the name of the Society, and all money received for the 
Society shall be paid over to him monthly. He shall make pay- 
ments therefrom only for the benefit of the Society, and in 
such sums as the Society or Board of Managers shall direct 
or upon the order of the Secretary countersigned by the Presi- 
dent. He shall keep a true account of his receipts and dis- 
bursements, and at each annual meeting he shall make a full 
report to the Society. The books of the Secretary and Treas- 
urer shall at all times be open to the inspection of the Presi- 
dent and Board of Managers and Auditing Committee. 



The Registrar shall examine all applications and proofs of 
membership and shall report his opinion thereon to the Board 
of Managers. He may return imperfect and incorrect appli- 

ly-ICahJB 19 

cations to the applicant for completion or correction. He 
shall forward to the Registrar General one copy of such appli- 
cations as have been approved by him and accepted by the 
Board of Managers, and he shall preserve one copy in the files 
in his office, making record of the same in a book prepared for 
that purpose ; and from time to time he shall have the originals 
suitably bound for preservation. He shall have the custody of 
all the historical, geographical and genealogical books, papers, 
manuscripts, relics, etc., of which the Society may become pos- 
sessed. He shall be authorized to deposit such books, papers, 
manuscripts, and relics as may be necessary for their proper 
safety and preservation in the Rhode Island Historical Society 
and he shall cause them to be marked, "The Property of the 
Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revolution." 
He shall receive twenty-five cents for recording each accepted 
application, and he shall submit a report in writing at each 
annual meeting. 



The Historian shall keep a record of all facts in connection 
with this Society which he shall judge to be of historical value, 
and he shall deliver an address in writing at each annual din- 
ner. The same person shall not be elected Historian for more 
than three consecutive years. 



The Chaplain shall conduct such devotional and religious 
services as may be called for in the course of business or exer- 
cises of the Society. 



The Board of Managers shall consist of the President, 
Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Historian, 
Chaplain, Poet, five persons elected upon the Board of Mana- 

20 S. 3. i'nmty of tltp B*. A. ^. 

gers as provided in Article VI, and the Presidents of the local 
Chapters. The Board of Managers shall judge of the quali- 
fications of the applicants for membership. They shall have 
control and management of the affairs of the Society. They 
shall appoint an Auditing Committee. They shall have power 
to fill all vacancies. 

One of the objects of the Society being the collection and 
preservation of documents relating to the War of the Ameri- 
can Revolution, it shall be the duty of the Board of Managers 
from time to time to provide for the publication of a volume 
under the general title : "Manual of the Rhode Island Society 
of the Sons of the American Revolution," which shall contain 
besides the yearly reports and proceedings of the Society, the 
names of members admitted from time to time, with an account 
of their ancestors' services in the Revolution, and such papers 
or documents as may be obtained by the Society outside of 
the Public Archives relating to the American Revolution ; the 
cost of such manual to be paid by the Society. 

The Board of Managers is hereby authorized from time to 
time to frame, adopt, and amend such Rules and Regulations, 
consistent with the Charter and By-Laws, as may be necessary 
in their conduct of the business of the Society. Such Rules 
and Regulations can only be amended upon proposal in writ- 
ing at any meeting of the Board and adoption of such pro- 
posed amendment at a subsecjuent meeting thereof. 

Regular meetings of the Board of Managers shall be held 
on the third Wednesday of January, April, July, and October 
of each year. Special meetings may be called by the Presi- 
dent at any time, and shall be called upon the written request 
of any three members of the Board of Managers, or of any 
fifteen members of the Society. At all meetings of the Board 
of Managers three members shall constitute a quorum. 



At each annual meeting there shall be elected by ballot one 
Delegate at large and alternate, and one Delegate and alternate 

Ig-HafajH 2 1 

for every fifty members or for a fraction of twenty-five or over, 
and an alternate for the President or Vice-President. These 
Delegates or alternates, if the Delegates are unable to act, to- 
gether with such officers as are provided for by the Constitution 
of the National Society, shall represent this Society in the 
National Society. 

At each annual meeting the Society may nominate one 
member for election, as Trustee, to represent this Society in 
the National Society as provided by Article V., Sec. 2, of the 
Constitution of said National Society. 



The seal of the Society shall be two inches in diameter and 
shall represent a lighted beacon surmounting a hill enveloped 
by thirteen stars, the whole encircled by a band one-quarter of 
an inch wide, upon which shall appear the legend in raised let- 
ters: "Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American 
Revolution, Organized Feb. i, 1890." The words "Organized 
Feb. I, 1890," being placed at the bottom of said band. 



Ten members of this Society residing in any county, town, 
or city of this State may send a written request to the Board 
of Managers asking authority to associate as a Chapter of this 
Society in such county, town, or city, and the Board of Mana- 
gers may grant such request. 

Local Chapters shall be known as the Chapter of 

the Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revo- 
lution, No. . Each Chapter may have a President, Secre- 
tary, and Treasurer, and such officers as the By-Laws of the 
Chapter may determine. The President of each local Chapter 
shall be cx-officio, a member of the Board of Managers. 

No person shall be admitted into a Chapter as a member 
until after his admission into the State Society, in the manner 
provided by the By-Laws of this Society, and until he has paid 

2 2 S. 31. i>omty of tl}t B. A. S. 

the annual dues and fees as provided by said By-Laws. And 
any member suspended or expelled, or in way losing his mem- 
bership in the State Society, shall thereupon cease to be a mem- 
ber of the Chapter. 

Each Chapter may make By-Laws, Rules and Regulations 
for its government, provided such By-Laws, Rules and Regu- 
lations do not conflict with the Charter and By-Laws of this 
Society, nor with the Constitution and By-Laws of the 
National Society. 

Each Chapter by its Secretary shall send annually to the 
Secretary of the State Society a report in writing of its pro- 
ceedings during the preceding year together with any sugges- 
tions it may deem pertinent to the welfare of the State 



These By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting of 
the Society or at any special meeting called for the purpose. 
provided that the proposed amendment or amendments shall be 
introduced at a previous regular or special meeting of the 
Society, and shall be approved by a majority of the members 
present, and provided, also, that ten days before the second 
meeting a copy of said proposed alterations and amendments 
shall be sent by the Secretary to each member of the Society. 

Hist nf ii^mbrrs 

Francis Eliot Bates 

IGtBt nf UJ^mh^ra 

Members of the Society February 22, 1911, including the names of the ancestors 
of members admitted from 1900 to February 22, 1911 

State National 

No. No. 

52 ABBOT, CHARLES WHEATON, Jr., Warren, R. I. 6852 
Maj. U. S. A. Retired 

215 ADAMS, GEORGE ALLEN, Wickford, R.I. 9765 

423 ALDRED, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Providence 20673 

Great-great-grandson of Sanders Carr 

406 ALLEN, CHARLES HENRY, East Greenwich, R. I. 20656 
Great-great-grandson of William Waterman 

275 ALLEN, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Providence 12675 

Great-grandson of Simon Davis 
Great-great-grandson of Eleazer Fuller 

265 ALLEN, HOWARD VERNON, East Greenwich, R. I. 12665 

Great-great-great-grandson of William Waterman 
Great-great-grandson of John Clapp 

329 ANGELL, JESSE HEALY, Providence 17004 

Great-great-grandson of Reuben Ballou 

266 ANGELL, WILLIAM G., New York 12666 

Great-great-grandson of Reuben Ballou 

276 ANDREWS, GEORGE LIPPITT, Washington, D. C. 14226 

Brig.-Gen. U. S. A. Retired 
Grandson of Charles Lippitt 

277 ANDREWS, GEORGE, Col. U. S. A. 14227 

Great-grandson of Charles Lippitt 

46 ANTHONY, EDWARD PERKINS, Providence 6846 

254 ARNOLD, ARTHUR HENRY, Providence 12654 

40 ARNOLD, GEORGE CARPENTER, Providence 6840 

2 6 IS. 3. B>at\tt^ at Ittp 0. A. K 

214 ARNOLD, GEORGE ULRIC. Bristol. R. I. 9764 

7 ARNOLD, OLNEY IL, Providence 6807 

278 ATWOOD, HENRY CLINTON, KiUingly, Conn. 14228 

Great-great-grandson of John Atwood 

248 ATWOOD, WILLIAAI EDWIN, Killingly, Conn. 11023 

260 AUSTIN, AMORY, Newport, R. I. 1851 

Great-grandson of Jonathan Loring i\ustin 
Great-grandson of Elbridge Gerry 

133 AUSTIN, ARTHUR ERNEST. Providence 7983 

394 AUSTIN, WILLIAM ALDEN, Providence 18819 

Great-grandson of William Webber 

55 BALCH, JOSEPH. Providence 6855 

403 BALLOU. EDWARD RICHARDSON. Providence 20653 
Great-grandson of Oliver Ballon 
Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Badger 

323 BANGS, CURTIS HENRY, Providence 15498 

Great-great-great-grandson of Allen Bangs 

126 BARKER, ROBERT LEWIS. Pawtncket, R. I. 7976 

244 BARNARD, CHARLES ALONZO, Centredale, R. I. 1 1019 

434 BARTON. NATHAN BOWEN. Providence 21559 

Great-grandson of Samuel Dorrance 

189 BATES. FRANCIS ELIOT, Providence 8039 

409 BATES, JOHN ALEXANDER, W. Greenwich, R. I. 20659 
Great-great-grandson of Charles Tillinghast 

100 BECKWITH, TRUMAN, Providence 6900 

104 BELLOWS, HORATIO ELIPHALET, Providence 7954 

279 BENEDICT, WILLIAM CURTIS, Providence 14229 

Grandson of Thomas Benedict 

367 BILLINGS, HERBERT FRANKLIN, Natick, R. I. 181 17 
Great-great-grandson of San ford Billings 
Great-2:reat-a:randson of Elias San ford Palmer 

2Itsl of Upmbprs 27 

70 BINNEY, WILLIAM, Jr., Providence 6870 
Great-great-grandson of John Cox (Supplemental) 

86 BISBEE, WILLIAM HENRY, Washington. D. C. 6886 
Brig.-Gen. U. S. A. 

288 BIXBY, ERNEST MERLE, Providence 14238 
Great-grandson of Abel Gage 

19 BLODGETT, JOHN TAGGARD, Providence 6819 

155 BOSWORTH, ORRIN LUTHER, Bristol. R. I. 8005 

223 BOURN, AUGUSTUS OSBORN, Bristol, R. I. 9773 

426 BOURN, AUGUSTUS OSBORN, Jr., Bristol, R. I. 21551 
Great-great-grandson of William Eddy 

208 BOWEN, CHARLES WETTER, Providence 9758 

179 BOWEN, FRANK, Providence 8029 

21 BOWEN, HENRY, Providence 6821 

2C9 BOWEN, RICHARD MARTIN, Providence 9759 

25 BOWEN, WILLIAM MANUEL PERES, Providence 6825 

328 BOWDITCH, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Providence 17003 
Great-grandson of Benjamin Smith 

310 BRAY, CHARLES DUDLEY, Foxboro, Mass. 15485 
Great-great-great-grandson of Daniel Davis 

163 BROWN, ARNOLD CLEVELAND. Providence 8013 

35 BROWN, DANIEL RUSSELL. Providence 6835 

136 BROWN. HARRIS WILBUR. Providence 7986 

116 BROWN, HENRY MARTIN, Providence 7966 

348 BROWN, HOWARD KINGSLEY, San Antonio, Tex. 17023 
Great-great-grandson of Joseph Greene 

267 BROWN, NATHANIEL HOWLAND, E. Greenwich 12667 
Great-great-great-grandson of Clarke Brown 

49 BROWN, ROBERT PERKINS, Providence 6849 

2 8 IS. 31. g'nnpty of tl|p B, A. 1. 

382 BROWN, THOAIAS CLARKE, Jr., E. Greenwich 18807 

Great-great-great-grandson of Clarke Brown 

349 BROWN, THOMAS LINN, San Antonio, Tex. 17024 

Great-great-grandson of Joseph Greene 

289 BROWNELL, EDWARD IBARRA, Bristol, R. I. 14239 

Great-grandson of Sylvester Brownell 

290 BROWNELL, ERNEST HENRY, Bristol, R. I. 14240 

Great-grandson of Sylvester Brownell 

352 BROWNING, WALTER GREENE, E. Greenwich 18102 

Transferred to Colorado Society March 8, 1907 
Great-great-grandson of Israel Arnold 

351 BROWNING, WILLIAM ARNOLD, E. Greenwich 18101 
Great-great-grandson of Israel Arnold 

327 BUDLONG, GRANVILLE RHODES, Providence 17002 

Died July 18, 1909 
Great-grandson of Peter Rhodes 

395 BURDICK, FRANKLIN ELISHA, Providence 18820 

Great-great-grandson of Jewitt Boynton Darling 
Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Slater 
Great-great-grandson of Joel Savage 
Great-great-grandson of Ephraim Parce 
Great-great-great-grandson of Benjamin Berry, Jr. 


Providence 17018 
Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Burlingame 

226 BURLINGHAM, HIRAM, Newport, R. I. i looi 

385 BURNS, BERT ARTHUR, Narragansett Pier, R. I. 1881Q 
Great-great-grandson of David Graves 

58 CADY, ALFRED EUGENE, Providence 6858 

124 CADY, FREDERIC WATERMAN, E. Providence 7974 

57 CADY, LOUIS EDGAR, Providence 6857 

249 CALDER, ALBERT LAWTON, 2D, Providence 11024 

iCiBt of iEpinbfrfi 29 

146 CARR, FREDERICK DICKMAN, Providence 7996 

368 CARR, IRA FRANKLIN, Providence 181 18 

Great-great-grandson of Caleb Carr 

429 CHACE, EDWARD GOULD, Albion, R. I. 21554 

Great-great-great-grandson of Samuel Ward 

399 CHACE, THOMAS WILSON, East Greenwich, R. I. 18824 
Great-grandson of Maxelon Chase 

440 CHAMBERS, ROBERT FOSTER, Providence 21565 

Great-great-great-grandson of Timothy Foster, Jr. 

264 CHAPIN, CHARLES VALUE, Providence 12664 

Great-grandson of Seth Chapin 

418 CHILD, WILLIAM BULLOCK, Warren, R. I. 20668 

Great-great-grandson of Ezra Ormsbee 

332 CHURCH, HOWARD WARDWELL, Bristol, R. I. 17007 
Great-grandson of Thomas Church 

331 CHURCH, STEPHEN WARDWELL. Bristol, R. I. 17006 
Died April 12, 1906 
Grandson of Thomas Church 

268 CHURCH, WILLIAM HOWE, Bristol, R. I. 12668 

Died April i8, 1910 
Son of Thomas Church 

337 CLARKE, HERBERT MORTON, Arctic, R. I. 17012 

Great-grandson of Israel Burr 


Providence 21553 
Great-great-grandson of Caleb Legg 

427 COCROFT, MASON FREEMAN, Providence 21552 

Great-great-grandson of Caleb Legg 

298 COE, WALTER HAMILTON, Providence 14248 

Died May 10, 1908 
Great-grandson of Thomas Coe 

85 CONVERSE, WALDRON HOWARD, Providence 6885 

30 E. 31. ^ortfty of tl)p i>. A. IS. 

i8i COOK, CHARLES NOURSE, Slatersville, R. I. 8031 

185 CRANSTON, FRANK HILL, Providence 8035 

372 CUSHMAN, ASA, 3D, Providence 18122 

Great-great-grandson of Amaziah Cushman 

no DANIELS, GEORGE METCALF, Providence 7960 

Capt. U. S. N. 

280 DARLING, GEORGE CURTIS, Providence 14230 

Great-great-grandson of John Potter 

291 DARLING, JOHN OLIVER, Providence 14241 

Great-great-grandson of John Potter 

127 DAVIS, JEFFREY, Providence 7977 

14 DAVIS, NATHANIEL FRENCH, Providence 6814 

211 DAVOL, CHARLES STEPHEN, Providence 9761 

33 DENNIS, ARTHUR WELLINGTON, Providence 6833 

307 DENNIS, JOHN RHODES. Providence 15482 

Great-great-grandson of Peter Rhodes 

184 DeWOLF, JOHN FIALSEY, Providence 8034 

217 DeWOLF, JOHN WINTHROP, Bristol, R. I. 9767 

22-] DEXTER, HENRY CLINTON, Central Falls, R.I. 1 1002 

250 DEXTER, THEODORE EVERETT, Central Falls 1 1025 

369 DRAYTON, GEORGE ELMER, E. Providence, R. I. 181 19 
Great-grandson of Benjamin Adams 

317 DROWN, CHARLES LINCOLN, Providence 15492 

Great-great-grandson of Jonathan Jenckes Drown 


Northwood Narrows, N. H. 15483 
Great-grandson of Peter Rhodes 

309 EARLE, COURTLAND COOK, Anthony, R. I. 15484 

Great-great-grandson of Peter Rhodes 

ICtBl of MsmbnB 3 1 

299 EASTMAN, JAMES HENRY, Howard, R. I. 14249 

Died Aug. 22, 1907 
Great-grandson of Stephen Eastman 

134 EASTON, FREDERIC WILLARD, Pawtucket, R. I. 7984 

430 EASTON, NICHOLAS HOWARD, Central Falls 21555 

Great-grandson of William Eddy 

281 EASTON, ROBERT BARKER, Pawtucket, R. I. 14231 

Great-great-grandson of William Eddy 
Great-great grandson of Isaac Barker 

2 EATON, AMASA MASON, Providence 6802 

397 EDDY, FORREST GREENWOOD, Providence 18822 

Great-grandson of Jonathan Eddy 
Great-grandson of Junia (orjuni) Smith 
Great-great-grandson of Elisha Smith 
Great-grandson of William Tourtellot 

410 ELDRED, RHODES UPDIKE. Providence 20660 

Great-great-grandson of Robert Rhodes 

341 EVANS, GEORGE WARREN, Providence 17016 

Great-great-grandson of Philip Hathaway, Jr. 

444 FAIRBANKS, CHARLES EDWIN,Providence 10365 

Great-great-grandson of Nathaniel Fairbanks 

439 FALLS, GEORGE LEWIS, Providence 21564 

Great-great-grandson of Samuel Osborn 

366 FALLS, RUSSELL CURTIS, Edgewood, R. I. 181 16 

Great-great-grandson of Samuel Osborn 

398 FANNING, MARTIN SMITH, Providence 18823 

Great-grandson of Gardner Reynolds 

212 FARNSWORTFI, JOHN PRESCOTT, Providence 9762 

338 FARRALLY, JOSEPH FRANKLIN, Bristol, R.I. 17013 
Great-great-grandson of Joseph Rogers 

1 57 FENNER, HERBERT NICHOLAS, Providence 8007 

390 FIELD, GEORGE FRANCIS, Providence 18815 

Great-great-grandson of Samuel Curtis 

32 K 3L ^ortpty nf tl|f B. A. K 

198 FIELD, HAROLD CRINS, Providence 8048 

325 FIELD, HENRY HUNTINGTON, Providence 15500 

Great-grandson of John Field 

431 FISHER, CHARLES NELSON, Jr., Providence 21556 

Great-great-grandson of Richard Fisher 

432 FOSTER, CHARLES SAMUEL, Central FaHs, R. L 21557 

Great-great-grandson of Israel Arnold 

424 FOSTER, JAMES HERBERT, Providence 20674 

Died Aug. 10, 1910 
Great-grandson of Timothy Foster, Jr. 

402 FOSTER, JOSEPH HENRY, Pawtucket, R. I. 20652 

Great-grandson of Israel Arnold 

292 FOSTER, SAMUEL JAMES, Jr., Providence 14242 

Great-grandson of Samuel Foster 

54 FOSTER, WILLIAM EATON, Providence 6854 

297 FOWLER, HENRY THATCHER, Providence 14247 

Great-great-grandson of Henry Knox 

145 FRANCIS, EBENEZER CHARLES, Woonsocket, R.I. 7995 

355 FREEMAN, OTIS MASON, Providence 18105 

Great-grandson of Caleb Legg 

112 FRENCH, CHARLES HENRY, Pawtucket, R. I. 7962 

269 FRY, WILLIAM CONGDON, Providence 12669 

Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Fry 
Great-great grandson of Gideon Hoxsie 

419 FULLER, ERNEST LINWOOD, Providence 20669 

Great-grandson of Benjamin Fuller 

383 GALE. CHARLES ANDREW, Providence 18808 

Great-grandson of Jonathan Wallen 

66 GAMMELL, WILLIAM, Providence 6866 

322 GAY, JAMES BACON, Providence 15497 

Great-grandson of John Gay 
Great-grandson of Thomas Fosdick 

2Itst of iHptttbprH 33 

321 GAY, WILLIAM HENRY. Providence 15496 
Great-grandson of John Gay 
Great-grandson of Thomas Fosdick 

141 GIBSON, HENRY MAITLAND, Bristol. R. I. 7991 


371 GLADDING, THEODORE ORMAN, Bristol, R. I. 18121 
Great-grandson of Joseph Greene 

164 GOFF, ISAAC LEWIS, Providence 8014 


Pawtucket, R. I. 18825 
Great-great-grandson of Charles Tillinghast 

191 GRANGER, WILLIAM SMITH, Providence 8041 

32 GREENE, CLARENCE HENRY, Providence 6832 

31 GREENE, FREDERIC ALBERT, Providence 6831 

187 GREENE, ISAAC CHASE. Providence 8037 


Central Falls, R. I. 17025 
Great-great-grandson of Samuel Spencer 

176 GREENE, WILLIAM CHACE, Providence 8026 


237 GREENE, WILLIAM RAY, Providence 11012 

24 HALE, WENDELL PHILLIPS, Providence 6824 

228 HAMLIN, EDWARD BOWEN, Providence 11003 

261 HAMLIN, RICHARD ELY, Providence 12661 
Great-grandson of Samuel Hamlin 

229 HAMMOND^ CHARLES ALFRED, Providence 11004 
131 HAMMOND, FRANK IRVING, Providence 7981 
195 HARRIS, ERNEST AYRES, Providence 8045 

56 HARRISON, GEORGE ARNOLD, Providence 6856 

28 HART, GEORGE THOMAS, Providence 6828 

34 ^' 3. ^oriplQ of tl|p B, A. 1. 

2i8 HARVEY, EDWIN BATES, Providence 9768 

27 HASBROUCK, SAYER, Providence 6827 

238 HAWKINS, ASABELSIMAIONS, Providence 11013 

207 HEALY, GEORGE ALBERT, Providence 9757 

41 1 HILL, CHARLES GREENE, East Greenwich, R. I. 20661 

Great-great-grandson of Caleb Hill 

412 HILL, FRANK ROBINSON, East Greenwich, R. I. 20662 

Great-great-great-grandson of Caleb Hill 

314 HITCHCOCK, GEORGE, Providence 15489 

Great-great-grandson of David Howell 

393 HODGES, CARROLL BORDEN, Lt. U. S. A. 18818 

Great-great-grandson of Stephen Olney 


Ma j. -Gen. U. S. A. Retired 

270 HOUGH, WALTER SCOTT, Providence 12670 

Grandson of Walter Hough 

230 HOWE, ARTHUR WARREN, Providence 11005 

344 HOY, ALBERT CHARLES, Providence 17019 

Great-great-grandson of James Dunlop 

304 HUBBARD, CHARLES AUGUSTUS, Jr., Providence 15479 
Great-great-grandson of Noah Mathewson 
Great-grandson of Benedict Burlingame, Jr. 

29 HUMPHREY, GEORGE, Providence 6829 

361 HUNTSMAN, EDWIN LEWIS, Providence 181 1 1 

Great-great-grandson of Joseph Fitz Randolph 

216 IRONS, CHARLES FREDERICK, Providence 9766 

435 JAMES, WILLIAM IVES, Providence 21560 

Great-grandson of James Barber 

170 JENCKES. JOHN, Newport, R.I. 8020 

69 JENCKES. THOMAS ALLEN, Cumberland. R. I. 6869 

2ItBt of iHrmbpra 35 

274 JILLSON, ESEK ARNOLD, Providence 12674 

Died June 2, 1901 
Son of Oliver Jillson 

342 JOSLIN, HARRY ALMORAN, Providence 17017 

Great-great-great-grandson of Israel Angell 

44 JOSLIN, HENRY VAN AMBURGH, Providence 6844 

},-jy JOSLIN, ROYAL KNIGHT, Providence 18802 

Great-great-great-grandson of Israel Angell 

335 KALLOCH, LEWIS HOWE, Providence 17010 

Great-grandson of Alexander Kelloch 

174 KELLEY, ARTHUR LIVINGSTON, Providence 8024 

63 KENDRICK, JOHN EDMUND, Providence 6863 

171 KENNON, CHARLES EDWARD VERE, Providence 7002 

282 KENYON, ALBERT FRANKLIN, Providence 14232 

Son of William Kenyon 

156 KENYON, EDWIN ALMERON, Carolina, R.I. 8006 

345 KENYON, ELWIN JOHN, Providence 17020 

Ceased to be a member January, 191 1 
Great-great-grandson of Smiton Potter 

271 KENYON, GEORGE HENRY, Providence 12671 

Died May 7, 1910 
Great-great-grandson of Paul Greene 

318 KIMBALL, CHARLES DEAN, Providence 15493 

Great-grandson of Benjamin Luther 
Great-great-great-grandson of Silas Williams 

339 KINGSBURY, GEORGE NELSON, Providence 17014 

Great-grandson of Samuel Kingsbury 
Great-great-grandson of Joseph Kingsbury 

82 KNIGHT, EDWARD BALCH, Providence 6882 

333 KNIGHT, EDWIN RHODES, Jr., Providence 17008 

Great-great-grandson of Jeremiah Phillips 

36 E. 31- B^nrtPly nf % B, A. K 

334 KNIGHT, EUGENE WESLEY. Providence 17009 

Great-great-grandson of Jeremiah Phillips 

347 KNIGHT. HENRY DYER. Providence 17022 

Great-great-grandson of Robert Knight 

177 KNIGHT, RUSSELL WINCHESTER, Providence 8027 

219 KNOWLES, EDWIN. Jr.. Providence 9769 

353 LAWTON. FRED CHESTER, Providence 18103 

Great-great-grandson of Daniel Soule 

99 LAWTON, GEORGE ROBERT, Tiverton, R. I. 6899 

407 LEACH,FRANKMAYNARD, Central Ealls, R.I. 20657 

Great-great-grandson of Thomas Jones 

168 LILLIBRIDGE, BYRON JESSE. Providence 8018 


East Greenwich, R. I. 18814 
Great-great-great-grandson of Jonathan Lillibridge 

178 LIPPITT, CHARLES WARREN, Providence 8028 

79 LIPPITT, HENRY FREDERICK, Providence 6879 

375 LULL. WARREN AIKEN, New BerHn, N. Y. 18125 

Grandson of Nathan Lull 

396 MADISON, GEORGE WARREN, E. Greenwich, R. I. 18821 
Great-great-grandson of John Allen 

240 MANCHESTER. CHARLES HOWARD, Providence 11015 


287 MANTON, BENJAMIN DYER. Providence 14237 

Grandson of Jeremiah Manton 
Great-grandson of Daniel Alanton 

283 MANTON. JOSEPH POTTER, Providence 14233 

Grandson of Jeremiah Manton 
Great-grandson of Daniel Manton 

284 MANTON. JOSEPH POTTER. Jr.. Providence 14234 

Great-grandson of Jeremiah Manton 
Great-great-grandson of Daniel Manton 

?jtst of iHrmb^ra z7 

311 MARTIN, BENJAMIN BAKER. Warren, R. I. 15486 

Great-grandson of James Wheaton Brayton 

320 MARTIN, FRANK HOWARD, Providence 15495 

Great-grandson of Stephen Hicks (or Hix) 

213 MASON, FLETCHER STONE, Providence 9763 

60 MASON, ORRAY TILLINGHAST, Providence 6860 


Narragansett Pier, R. I. 20664 
Great-great-grandson of Caleb Hill 

180 MATHEWSON, FRANK MASON, Providence 8030 


Narragansett Pier, R. I. 20663 
Great-great-grandson of Caleb Hill 


E. Greenwich, R. I. 18813 
Great-great-grandson of Caleb Hill 

380 MAYS, HARRY MAXWELL, Providence 18805 

Great-grandson of Thomas Mays 

376 MEDBERY, CHARLES VASEL, New Berlin, N. Y. 18801 
Great-great-grandson of Isaac Medberry 

415 MERCHANT, GEORGE BROWN, Providence 20665 

Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Rhodes 

190 METCALF, HAROLD, Wickford, R. I. 8040 

232 METCALF, HOW^ARD TUCKER, Providence 11007 

421 MITCHELL, M ANTON CAMPBELL, Providence 20671 
Lt. U. S. A. 

Great-great-grandson of Jeremiah Manton 
Great-great-great-grandson of Daniel Manton 

59 MORRIS, EDWARD DEXTER, Providence 6859 

442 MO WRY, ELISHA C APRON, Providence 21567 

Great-great-grandson of Elisha Mowry 

138 MUNRO, WALTER LEE, Providence 7988 

38 iR. 31. i>oricty of tl|p ^. A. 1. 

loi MUNRO, WILFRED HAROLD. Providence 7951 

295 MUNROE, ADDISON PIERCE, Providence 14245 

Grandson of Isaac Pierce 

160 NEWELL. CLAUDE POTTER, Brookline, Mass. 8010 

443 NEWHALL. GEORGE HAR WOOD, Providence 21568 

Great-grandson of Napthali Newhall 

188 NICHOLS, CHARLES LEMUEL, Worcester, Mass. 8038 



326 NYE, WALTER CALVIN, Providence 17001 

Great-great-great-grandson of Samuel Fish 
Great-great-grandson of John Nye 

272 NYE, WILLIAM PRINCE, Providence 12672 

Great-great-grandson of Samuel Fish 
Great-grandson of John Nye 

370 ORR, CHARLES SUMNER. Providence 18120 

Great-great-grandson of Jonathan Blakeslee 

425 PADDOCK, MINER HAMLIN, Providence 20675 

Great-grandson of Stephen Eaton 

303 PAINE, HENRY JOSHUA. Foster, R. I. 15478 

Great-great-grandson of Isaac Paine 

359 PALMER. WILLIAM HAILES, Providence 18109 

Great-great-grandson of Peleg Heath 


Providence 8043 

47 PECK, ALLEN MILLARD, Providence 6847 

312 PECK, CYRIL FRANCIS. New York. N.Y. 15487 

Great-great-grandson of Philip Peck 

378 PECK, FREDERICK STANHOPE, Barrington, R. I. 18803 
Great-great-grandson of Solomon Peck 

23 PECK, JAMES GARRISON, East Providence, R. I. 6823 

ICtBt of iHrmbprs 39 

373 PECK, LEANDER REMINGTON, Barrington, R. I. 18123 

Died Jan. 28, 1909 
Great-grandson of Solomon Peck 

2J2, PEET, GEORGE HERBERT, Providence 12673 

Ceased to be a member 1905 
Great-great-grandson of Isaac Lewis 

365 PIERCE. BYRON AINSWORTH, Providence 181 15 

Great-grandson of Abel Pierce 

Great-great-grandson of William Policy (or Polleys) 
Great-great-great-grandson of Jonathan Tidd 
Great-great-great-grandson of Joseph Caldwell (or 

Great-great-grandson of Enoch Caldwell 
Great-great-great-grandson of Josiah Converse (or 


45 PORTER, HENRY PERRY, Providence 6845 

Great-great-grandson of Solomon Peck {Supple- 
Great-great-grandson of James Chase {Supplemental) 

22 POTTER, DEXTER BURTON, Providence 6822 

340 POTTER, WILLIAM PRESCOTT, Providence 17015 

Great-grandson of Luke Potter 

319 PRICE, WILLIAM HARRICOTT, Providence 15494 

Great-great-grandson of Anthony (William) La Tour 

441 RAND, SUMNER GOLDTHWAIT, Providence 21566 

Great-great-grandson of Jasper Rand (or Rands) 

391 REED, WILLIAM SHELBY, Chicago, 111. 18816 

Great-great-grandson of William Green 


E. Providence, R. I. 20658 
Great-great-grandson of David Allin 

196 REYNOLDS, CHARLES STEPHEN, Providence 8046 

202 RHODES. ARTHUR AUGUSTUS, Providence 9752 

40 Ha, 31- Bpcxthj of % §>, A. ^. 

41 RHODES, CHRISTOPHER, Providence 6841 

1 1 1 RICKARD, JAMES HELME, Woonsocket, R. I. 7961 

200 RICKARD, JAMES HELME, Jr., Woonsocket, R.I. 8050 


Wakefield, R. I. 12662 
Great-great-grandson of Joseph Noyes 

263 ROBINSON, ISAAC RICH, New York, N. Y. 12663 

Great-great-grandson of Christopher Robinson 

92 ROBINSON, ROWLAND RODMAN, Wakefield, R. I. 6892 

387 ROBINSON, SAMUEL RODMAN, Wakefield, R. I. 18812 
Great-great-grandson of Joseph Noyes 

41 6 ROPER, CHARLES FREMONT, River Point, R. I. 20666 
Great-grandson of Benjamin Roper 

246 ROSE, HENRY BRAYTON, Providence 11021 

247 RUSSELL, EMORY POOLE, Providence 11022 

405 SANFORD, JOHN ORREN, Providence 20655 

Died Dec. 9, 1910 
Great-grandson of Jonathan Hodges 

109 SANFORD, LeROY SPRAGUE, Providence 7959 

360 SAYLES, ALBERT HARDIN, Pascoag, R. I. 181 10 

Great-great-grandson of Israel Sayles 

422 SEARS, ARTHUR ALDEN, Providence 20672 

Great-grandson of Reuben Sears 

379 SEYMOUR, WALTER FRANCIS, Providence 18804 

Great-great-grandson of James Wheaton Brayton 

147 SHELDON, FRANK AUGUSTUS, Providence 7997 

236 SHELDON, PHILIP COLLINS, Pawtucket, R. I. 1 101 1 

336 SHEPLEY, GEORGE LEANDER, Providence 1701 1 

Great-great-grandson of Moses Butler 

252 SHURROCKS, ALFRED FRANCIS, Providence 12652 

107 SHURROCKS, WILLIAM OTIS, Boston, Mass. 7957 

HtBt of iUpmbrrs . 41 

357 SIMONS, LEON MARVIN, Providence 18107 

Great-great-grandson of John Webster 

296 SLADE, WILLIAM LLOYD, Providence 14246 

Great-grandson of Peleg Slade 

89 SLOCUM, PERCY DISMORE SMITH, Providence 6889 

294 SMITH, AREA DIKE, Providence 14244 

Great-grandson of Jeremiah Jenckes 

354 SMITH, CHARLES EARLE, Oak Lawn, R. I. 18104 

Great-grandson of Nathaniel Spaulding 

330 SMITH, CLINTON LeROY, Narragansett Pier, R. I. 17005 
Great-great-grandson of WilHam Barton 

36 SMITH, FRANKLIN AUGUSTUS, Jr., Providence 6836 


Pawtucket, R. I. 20651 
Great-great-grandson of David Wells 
Great-grandson of Preserved Smith 
Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Estabrook 
Great-great-grandson of Nathaniel Gushing 

233 SNOW, LOUIS FRANKLIN, Providence 1 1008 

242 SPELMAN, FREDERICK BROWN, Duluth, Minn. 1 1017 

362 SPICER, GEORGE THURSTON, Providence 181 12 

Great-great-grandson of Caleb Potter 
Great-great-great-great-grandson of Robert Knight, Sr. 
Great-great-grandson of Josiah Wood 
Great-great-grandson of Joseph Carpenter 
Great-great-grandson of Stephen Saunders 
Great-great-great-grandson of Jeremiah Finney (or 

108 SPINK, ARTHUR BRADFORD, Providence 7958 

381 SPOONER, EDMUND, East Greenwich, R. I. 18806 

Great-great-grandson of Isaac Barker 


Died Feb. 25, 1902 
Great-grandson of Robert Rhodes 

42 E. 3. BotUt^ of ti^t B. A. 1. 

201 STEARNS. CHARLES FALCONER, Providence 9751 

293 STEARNS, WALTER HENRY, Pawtucket, R. L 14243 

Great-grandson of Edward Stearns 

436 STEERE, CHARLES LEVECK, Harrisville, R. L 21561 

Died Sept. 27, 1910 
Great-grandson of Jonah Steere 


Central Falls, R. L 8033 


Central Falls, R. I. 17021 
Resigned Jan. 16. 1907 
Great-great-grandson of Samuel Stiness (or Stinnis) 


Pawtucket, R. I. 181 13 
Great-great-grandson of Charles Tillinghast 

1 14 STUDLEY, JOHN EDWARD, Providence 7964 

90 SUMNER, ARTHUR PRESTON, Providence 6890 

420 SUTTON, CHARLES EDWIN, East Providence, R. I. 20670 
Great-grandson of Robert Sutton 

97 SWAIN, EDWARD ALLEN, Pomfret Centre, Conn. 6897 

417 SWEET, WILLIAM LUTHER, Providence 20667 

Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Youngs 

172 TAFT, ROBERT WENDELL, Providence 8022 

128 TAFT, ROYAL CHAPIN, Providence 7978 

221 TANNER. HERBERT SANFORD, Providence 9771 

324 TAYLOR, PHILIP KITRIDGE, Kingston, R. I. 15490 

Great-grandson of Joseph Taylor 

72 TEMPLE. WILLIAM HENRY GILES, Providence 6872 

358 THRESHER, HENRY GILBERT, Pawtucket. R. I. 18108 
Great-grandson of Benjamin Paine 

117 THOMPSON, ARTHUR MIDDLETON, Providence 7967 

ICtat of Hrrnhpra 43 

132 THURSTON, HORACE, Providence 7982 

159 TIFFANY, EBENEZER, Jr., Barrington. R. I. 8009 

243 TILLINGHAST, CHARLES FOSTER, Providence 11018 


Pawtucket, R. I. 21562 
Great-great-grandson of Charles Tillinghast 

235 TILLINGHAST, GEORGE HALL, Providence iioio 

306 TILLINGHAST, GEORGE LEON, Providence 15481 

Great-great-great-grandson of Job Greene 


Great-great-grandson of Philip Place 

364 TILLINGHAST, JOHN AVERY, Providence 181 14 

Great-great-grandson of Charles Tillinghast 

305 TILLINGHAST, LODOWICK HOXIE, Providence 15480 
Great-great-grandson of Job Greene 



68 TOWER, JAMES HENRY, Providence 6868 

48 VIALL, WILLIAM ANGELL, Providence 6848 

113 VINCENT, WALTER BORADEL, Providence 7963 

374 WALDRON, LEWIS BRADFORD, Bristol, R. I. 18124 

Great-grandson of Joseph Greene 

356 WALKER, GEORGE BURT, Providence 18106 

Resigned Oct. 16, 1907 
Great-great-grandson of James Walker 

315 WARDWELL, HEZEKIAH CHURCH, Bristol, R. I. 15490 

Great-great-grandson of Joseph Greene 

384 WARREN, JOSEPH ARNOLD, Providence 18809 

Great-great-grandson of James Fletcher 

316 WARREN, JOSEPH DRAPER, Providence, 15491 

Great-grandson of James Fletcher 

44 St- 3(. Botitt^ of tl)f ^. A. S. 

392 WASHBURN, ROSCOE CLIFTON. Providence 18817 

Great-great-grandson of Levi Washburn 

386 WATERMAN, LEWIS ANTHONY, Providence 18811 

Great-great-grandson of Asa Franklin 
Great-great-grandson of Jonathan Eddy 
Great-great-grandson of William Tourtellot 

95 WEBB, GEORGE HEBER, Providence 6895 

94 WEBB, SAMUEL HEBER, Providence 6894 

286 WESTON, GEORGE FRANKLIN, Providence 14236 

Great-grandson of Samuel Gates 

313 WHITAKER. FREDERIC EARLE, Woonsocket 15488 

Ceased to be a member 1907 
Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Luther 
Great-great-grandson of Isaac Johnson 
Great-great-great-great-grandson of Silas Williams 
Great-grandson of William Whitaker 

433 WHITE, ROBERT SPENCER, Providence 21558 

Great-great-grandson of Antipass White 

438 WILLIS, GARDNER BILLINGS, Providence 21563 

Great-great-grandson of Daniel Billings 

67 WOODS, JOHN CARTER BROWN, Providence 6867 

300 WRIGHT, ALBERT HENRY, Providence 14250 

Great-grandson of James Wells 

301 WRIGHT, JAMES MANCHESTER, Foster, R. I. 15476 

Died ]March 19, 1907 
Great-grandson of James Wells 

302 WRIGHT, NATHAN MANCHESTER, Providence 15477 

Great-great-grandson of James Wells 

There have been admitted to membership in the Society 

since its organization 444 

Losses for various causes 123 

Present membership Feb. 22, 191 1 321 

S^nriiB nf IS^unUttinnarg Attr^Btnra 

Sernrlia of Sfbalultonarg AnrpBtura 

of members admitted since 1900 

BENJAMIN ADAMS: Of Newington, N. H. Private in 
Capt. Smith's Company. Enlisted for New York out of 
Col. Hale's Regiment of Militia. Mustered Sept. 21, 1776. 
Surgeon's Mate in Col. Moses Nichols' Regiment, raised 
by the State of New Hampshire for the defense of the 
United States July, 1780; served 3 months, 13 days. His 
name appears on the British ship "Jersey" in Wallabout 

George Elmer Drayton, Great-grandson 

DAVID ALLEN : Of Ashford, Conn. Corporal of the Ash- 
ford Company of Militia of Connecticut under Capt. 
Knowlton, 1775. The Ashford Company were the first 
body of troops to cross beyond the border of Massachu- 

Charles Howard Remington, Great-great-grandson 

JOHN ALLEN: Of North Kingstown, R. I. Appointed on 
a committee to raise fifteen men in North Kingstown to 
fill up quota of the Continental Army. An obituary notice 
in the Republican Herald of Aug. 5, 1813, states: "In the 
struggle Mr. Allen was taken by the enemy, and during his 
rigorous captivity his home and furniture were laid in 
ashes and his farm stripped of all its stock. But his 
republican soul scorned to yield to threats or even the 
scorpion cruelties of a ruthless enemy." 

George Warren Madison, Great-great-grandson 

ISRAEL ANGELL: Of North Providence, R. I. Major in 
1775, Major in 1776, Lieutenant-Colonel in 1777, Colonel 

48 IS. 3. Bomt^ of tlip 0- A. 1. 

in 1777. With Washington in Delaware. In battles at 
Long Island, Trenton, Brandywine, Red Bank, Mon- 
mouth, Rhode Island and Springfield. Washington com- 
plimented his bravery in a letter to Governor of Rhode 
Island. He received two gold medals for bravery, one 
from LaFayette and one from Washington. 

Harry Almoran Joslin, Great-great-great-grandson 
Royal Knight Joslin, Great-great-great-grandson 

ISRAEL ARNOLD: Of Smithfield, R. I. Sergeant in Capt. 
Samuel Day's Company, Col. Jabez Bowen's Regiment, 
R. I. Served Dec. 7, 1776, to Jan. 7, 1777; February, 
1777, 2 months; June, 1777, i month; September, 1777, 
I month; 1778, 3 months. August, 1778, was Teamster 
in Gen. Sullivan's Expedition to Rhode Island; 1779, 
served 4 months in same Company and Regiment. Pen- 

Joseph Henry Foster, Great-grandson 
Charles Samuel Foster, Great-great-grandson 

ISRAEL ARNOLD: Of Warwick, R. I. Sergeant, 1777. 
Served in the Pawtuxet Rangers on duty of Battery at 
Pawtuxet, R. I. In July, 1778, served as Private with 
Company of Pawtuxet Rangers at Battery. May, 1779, 
commissioned Ensign, Pawtuxet Rangers ; also in May, 
1782, same. 

William Arnold Browning, Great-great-grandson 
Walter Greene Browning, Great-great-grandson 

JOHN ATWOOD: Of Scituate, R. I. Sergeant in Capt. 
Kimball's Company of Scituate, R. I. Marched from 
Scituate Feb. 7, 1777; in service 30 days. Private in Capt. 
Peck's Company, Col. Mathewson's Regiment, in the 
Expedition against Rhode Island from Aug. 6 to Aug. 27, 

Henry Clinton Atwood, Great-great-grandson 

Maj.-Gen. James Mitchell varnlm 

^^ttarhs of l^pboluttnttary AnrrstorH 49 

JONATHAN LORING AUSTIN : Of Boston. Mass. Major 
of Langdon's New Hampshire Cavalry Regiment, and 
fought at Bennington ; Aide to Gen. SulHvan ; Secretary 
of the JMassachusetts Board of War, 1777; sent to France 
with dispatches ; was Private Secretary of Benjamin 

Amory Austin, Great-grandson 

BENJAMIN BADGER: Of Reading, Mass. Served in 1775 
as Minute Man in Capt. Bacheller's Company, Mass. ; also 
served 8 months as Private in 1776 and 6 months in 1777 
as Orderly Sergeant in Col. John Robinson's Regiment, 
Mass. Engaged in battle at Lexington and Concord. 

Edward Richardson Ballou, Great-great-grandson 

OLIVER BALLOU: Of Cumberland, R. I. Private in Capt. 
Daniel Mowry's Company, Col. George Peck's Regiment. 
Duty on Rhode Island in March, 1781. 

Edward Richardson Ballou, Great-grandson. 

REUBEN BALLOU: Of Cumberland, R. I. Appointed 
Captain Second Company of Militia of Cumberland 
August, 1776; Captain in Col. Cook's Regiment, Decem- 
ber, 1776; Captain, Cumberland Alarm Company, June, 
1779; Major, Senior Class, Regiment of Militia, Provi- 
dence Company, May, 1781. He was commissioned as 
Captain in the Continental Army soon after the Battle of 
Bunker Hill. 

Jesse Healy Angell, Great-great-grandson 
William G. Angell, Great-great-grandson 

ALLEN BANGS: Of Yarmouth, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Jonathan Crowell's Company, which marched on alarm 
of April 19, 1775; service, 3 days; also Private in Capt. 
John Nickerson's Company, Col. Nathaniel Freeman's 

50 S. 31. Batutu of ll|p B. A. S. 

Regiment ; service, 6 days. In September, 1778, marched 
to Dartmouth and Falmouth on an alarm. 

Curtis Henry Bangs, Great-great-great-grandson 

JAMES BARBER: Of South Kingstown, R. I. Private 3 
months in 1775, guarding shores of South Kingstown, 
R. I.; in 1778, i month in Sullivan's Expedition on Rhode 
Island, where he was wounded in the thigh at Rowland's 
Ferry. Served i month in spring, 1781 ; also served in 
Capt. Babcock's Company and superintended the delivery 
of provisions to the soldiers. His widow was pensioned. 

William Ives James, Great-grandson 

ISAAC BARKER : Of Middletown, R. I. Rendered valuable 
aid to the patriots of the Revolution, and his services were 
acknowledged by Gen. Gates to have been of great 

Robert Barker Easton, Great-great-grandson 
Edmund Spooner, Great-great-grandson 

WILLIAM BARTON: Of Warren, R. I. Colonel in the 
Continental Army. The most important service rendered 
was the capture of the British Gen. Prescott on the Island 
of Rhode Island on the evening of July 9, 1777. The 
General Assembly voted to Col. Barton $1120.00 to be 
distributed among the men who composed the force under 
him that took part in the capture of Gen. Prescott; and 
further voted that "the thanks of the General Assembly 
be and are hereby given said William Barton for his brave 
execution of that enterprise." 

Clinton LeRoy Smith, Great-great-grandson 

THOMAS BENEDICT: Of Norwalk, Conn. Private, 
April I, 1775; service, 9 months in Capt. Barsley's Com- 
pany, Col. Waterbury's Regiment, Conn. ; 3 months in 
Capt. Carter's Company; April, 1776, service, 9 months 

ISprnrba of Spfaoluttottarg AiirpBtora 5 1 

in Capt. Keeler's Company, Col. Bradley's Regiment, 
Conn. ; also served about two years in short terms under 
various officers. In battle at "St. John." Pensioned. 

William Curtis Benedict, Grandson. 

BENJAMIN BERRY, JR.: Of Andover, Mass. Private, 
Capt. Nathaniel Lovejoy's Company, Col. Samuel John- 
son's Regiment, which marched on alarm of April 19, 
I775> to Cambridge. Service, 3^ days. 

Franklin Elisha Burdick, Great-great-great-grandson 

DANIEL BILLINGS: Of Stoughton, Mass. Private in 
Capt. James Endicott's Company, Col. Robinson's Regi- 
ment, which marched on Lexington alarm, 1775. Service, 
8 days; also in same company. Col. Benj. Gill's Regiment, 
marched from Stoughton to fortify Dorchester Heights, 
March 4, 1776; service, 5 days; also, in same company 
and regiment, marched to Moon Island, June 10, 1776, 
when the British fleet was driven from Boston Harbor; 
service, 3 days. 

Gardner Billings Willis, Great-great-grandson 

SANFORD BILLINGS: Of North Stonington, Conn. 
Second Lieutenant in Capt. Wheeler's Company, in the 
8th Regiment of Militia; served around New York from 
Sept. 8, 1776, to Nov. 7, 1776; Lieutenant in Col. Well's 
Regiment in the spring of 1780 for service along the west- 
ern coast. In December, 1780, Col. Well's at Horseneck 
was attacked by the enemy and taken prisoner with one 
Captain, two Lieutenants, two Ensigns and twenty or 
more privates. 

Herbert Fr^xnklin Billings, Great-great-grandson 

JONATHAN BLAKESLEE: Of Winchester, Conn. Pri- 
vate in Capt. David Noble's Company, Col. John Patison's 
Regiment; marched in response to alarm of April 19, 1775, 

52 E. 31. Bacm^ of Itjf §>, A. 1. 

from Pittsfield; service, 7 days. Served in same company 
and regiment 3 months, 7 days ; served in Capt. Amos 
Rathburn's Company, Col. Benj. Simond's Detachment, 
from December, 1776, to March 16, 1777. 

Charles Sumner Orr, Great-great-grandson. 

Served 8 months, 1775, Capt. Martindale's Company, Col. 
Church's Regiment; December, 1776, served 15 months, 
Capt. Caleb Carr's Company, Col. Crary's Regiment ; also 
served 12 months as seaman on "Galley Spitfire," Capt. 
Grimes, and 5 months on privateer "General Stark," Capt. 
Benj. Peirce. In fight with the "Phoenix" and the "Rose" 
in North River. Pensioned. 

Benjamin Baker Martin, Great-grandson 
Walter Francis Seymour, Great-great-grandson 

CLARKE BROWN: Of East Greenwich, R. I. Served as 
an ofiicer in Gen. Greene's Brigade, 1775; Second Lieu- 
tenant and Quartermaster of 9th Regiment, Continental 
Troops (R. L organization) ; Jan. i, 1776, Lieutenant in 
Capt. Cole's Company, Col. James M. Varnum's Regiment, 
R. L; service, i year. He was one of the officers recom- 
mended in October, 1776, by Gen. Washington to the 
General Assembly of Rhode Island for the new establish- 
ment. Pensioned. 

Thomas Clarke Brown, Jr., Great-great-great-grandson 
Nathaniel Rowland Brown, Great-great-great-grand- 

SYLVESTER BROWNELL: Of Westport, Mass. Private 
in Capt. Aaron Wilbur's Company, Col. Thomas Church's 
Regiment, R. I ; service, 8 months, in 1775. Sergeant in 
Capt. Wm. Hicks's Company, Col. Thos. Kempton's Regi- 
ment, Mass.; service, i month, 1776. In same company 
and regiment in 1777 and 1778; service, 13 months. En- 

SrrorJis of SJpboluttottary Aitrrstors 53 

gaged in battles, "Siege of Boston" and burning of New 
Bedford. During the Battle of Bunker Hill he was sta- 
tioned at Roxbury. Pensioned. 

EDWAitD Ibarra Brownell, Great-grandson 
Ernest Henry Brownell, Great-grandson 

Served as Private, April 20, 1775, i month; 1776, i 
month; March, 1777, 2 months; October, 1777, 20 days; 
April, 1778, I month; August, 1778, 24 days; October, 
1778, 20 days; April, 1779, i month; August, 1779, i 
month. Served under Capts. Whipple, Eddy and Stephen 
Olney, and under Cols. Christopher Lippitt and Chad 
Brown. Pensioned. 

Charles Augustus Hubbard, Jr., Great-grandson. 

BENJAMIN BURLINGAME: Of Cranston, R. I. Ensign 
of 3rd Company, Col. William Richmond's Regiment, 
R. I. Militia. 

Edwin Aylesworth Burlingame, Great-great-grandson 

ISRAEL BURR: Of Bridgewater, Mass. Corporal in Capt. 
Samuel Lothrop's (Artillery Company), Col. John Bai- 
ley's Regiment; service from April 10, 1775, to May 2, 
1775 ; also in same company and regiment, enlisted May 3, 
1775; service, 3 months, 10 days; also on return of Capt. 
Lothrop's Company, Gen. John Thomas' Regiment, dated 
Oct. 6, 1775. 

Herbert Morton Clarke, Great-grandson 

MOSES BUTLER: Of South Berwick, Me. Private in 
Capt. Daniel Sullivan's Company, Col. Benjamin Foster's 
(Lincoln Co.) Regiment; service, 8 days. Reported 
called out three different times to do duty at Machias, Me. 
Roll sworn to Feb. 25, 1778; also in Capt. Daniel Sul- 

54 IS. 31. ^omtu of tl|P B. A. E. 

livan's Company of Volunteers; service from July 28, 
1779, to Sept. 28, 1779, in expedition against Bagaduce. 
George Leander Shepley, Great-great-grandson 

Mass. Marched on alarm of April 19, 1775, from Haver- 
hill to Cambridge under command of Lieut. Samuel 
Clemens ; service, 6 days. Responded to call of Septem- 
ber, 1777, under Lieut. Isaac Bartlett, to reinforce the 
Northern Army. Paid $20. 

Byron Ainsworth Pierce, Great-great-grandson 

JACOB CALDWELL: Of Woburn, Mass. Sergeant in 
Capt. Joshua Walker's Company, Col. David Greene's 
(2nd Middlesex Company), Regiment; service, 6 days, 
probably on alarm of April 19, 1775. 

Byron Ainsworth Pierce, Great-great-great-grandson 

JOSEPH CARPENTER: Of Uxbridge, Mass. Private in 
Capt. Joseph Chapin's Company of Minute Men, which 
marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 15 days. 
Also in Capt. Edward Seagraves' Company, Col. Wade's 
Regiment. Enlisted June 19, 1778; discharged July 19, 
1778; service, 30 days at Rhode Island. 

George Thurston Spicer, Great-great-grandson 

CALEB CARR: Of Warren, R. I. November, 1775, Lieu- 
tenant in Capt. Throop's Company, Col. William Rich- 
mond's Regiment, R. I.; January, 1776, to December, 
1776, was Captain of the company in same regiment. 
Engaged in Battle of Long Island. Pensioned. 

Ira Franklin Carr, Great-great-grandson 

SANDERS CARR: Of Salisbury, N. H. Private in Stephen 
Clark's Winter Hill Company, mustered at Portsmouth, 
N. H., Nov. 22, 1775 ; in Capt. Robert Pike's Regiment 

EerorJis of Erhfllutionarg Anr^stnrB 55 

in Rhode Island. Rank of Sergeant from June 29, 1777, 
to Jan. 6, 1778; in Capt. Benjamin Whittier's Company, 
Col. Jacob Gale's Regiment, which joined the Continental 
Army in Rhode Island, in August, 1778; service, 26 days. 

Frederick William Aldred, Great-great-grandson 

GEORGE CARR, the son of the above Sanders Carr, was on 
the State ship "Tartar," commanded by Capt. John Cath- 
cart, from May 28, 1782. to Nov. 28, 1782, with grade of 

SETH CHAPIN: Of Mendon, Mass. April 19, 1775, Cor- 
poral in Capt. Alber's Company, Mass. ; Dec. 10, 1775, 
Corporal in Capt. Tyler's Company, Col. Reed's Regi- 
ment; June 24, 1776. Second Lieutenant of Marines on 
board ship "Providence;" July 9, 1776, Second Lieutenant 
in Capt. Cragin's Company, 3rd Worcester Co. Regi- 
ment; Dec. 8, 1776, Lieutenant in same company. Col. 
Tyler's Regiment; July 10, 1777, First Lieutenant in Col. 
Sherburne's Regiment. Resigned April 19, 1780. Dec. 
17, 1778, in a boat with six men captured a British brig in 
the Seaconnet River. Served as a spy, 1778-79. Enlisted 
July 27, 1780. Lieutenant in Col. Tyler's Regiment; com- 
missioned Captain in regiment to be raised for 3 months' 
service, 1780. 

Charles Value Chapin, Great-grandson 

MAXELON CHACE: Of Westerly, R. I. Ship's Carpenter 
on Com. Esek Hopkins' flagship. Enlisted in Navy as a 
yeoman on Com. Esek Hopkins' flagship ; was appointed 
Master's (or Carpenter's) Mate, and served in that 
capacity until his death by yellow fever contracted on the 
voyage to the Bahamas in the winter of 1775 and 1776. 

Thomas Wilson Chace, Great-grandson 

56 S. 31. Bot'wt}^ at tl)p B, A. S. 

JAMES CHASE: Of Swansea, Mass. Was one of ii8 that 
belonged to the Third Foot of Massachusetts in 1777; 
served as private in Capt. Joshua Benson's Company, 5th 
BattaHon, of Massachusetts, commanded by Col. Rufus 
Putnam. Name appears on Roll for August, 1778, and 
September, 1779. 

Henry Perry Porter, Great-great-grandson 

THOMAS CHURCH : Of Bristol, R. I. Entered service in 
April, 1777, as Private and was discharged in September, 
1780; service, 17 months. In Capt. Viall Allen's Company, 
Col. Miller's Regiment ; i month's service during Sulli- 
van's Expedition ; under Capt. Remington's Company, Col. 
Miller's Regiment, at Newport in 1780. His entire service 
was rendered in and around Bristol, R. I., in Capt. William 
Throop's Company. Pensioned. 

Howard Wardwell Church, Great-grandson 
Stephen Wardwell Church, Grandson 
William Howe Church, Son 

JOHN CLAPP: Of Warwick, R. I. Private, 1775, 2 
months ; 1776, 4 months ; 1777, 4 months ; 1778, 4 months ; 
1779, 4 months; 1780, i month, in Capt. William Water- 
man's Company, Col. John Waterman's Regiment, R. I. 
Widow pensioned. 

Howard Vernon Allen, Great-great-grandson 

THOMAS COE: Of Madison, Conn. Private in Capt. 
Daniel Hand's Company. Enlisted March 22, 1776, for 
service in the New York Expedition. Discharged April 
18, 1776. Private in Capt. Bezebul Bristol's Company, 
Col. Newberry's Regiment of Tvlilitia. Enlisted Oct. 6, 
1777; discharged Dec. 6, 1777. 

Walter Hamilton Coe, Great-grandson 

l&navhB of Spbolutinnary AttrrBtora 57 

JOSIAH CONVERSE (or CONVERS) : Of Woburn, Mass. 
Private in Capt. Abraham Foster's Company, Col. Samuel 
Bullard's Regiment. Enlisted Aug. i8, 1777; discharged 
Nov. 30, 1777. Service, 3 months, 24 days, travel in- 
cluded, in Northern Department. Company marched to 
reinforce army under Gen. Gates. 

Byron Ainsworth Pierce, Great-great-great-grandson 

JOHN COX : Of Philadelphia, Penn. Lieutenant-Colonel in 
2nd Battalion, Penn. Troops, 1776. Was ordered by Gen. 
Washington in pursuit of the enemy after the Battle of 
Trenton in January, 1777. In 1778 he was Assistant 
Quartermaster-General of the United States Army sta- 
tioned at Bristol, Penn. In 1782 he was President of New 

William Binney, Jr. (Supplemental), Great-great- 

SAMUEL CURTIS: Of Braintree, Mass. Volunteer in Col. 
Joseph Palmer's Regiment, Capt. French's Company, 
March 4, 1776; service, 15 days. Lieutenant in Col. 
Bass' Regiment, 4 days service, in June, 1776. Volunteer 
in Col. Mcintosh's Regiment, 13 days service, August, 
1778. Enlisted on privateer "Essex" in 1781 ; captured 
June 4, 1 781 ; taken to England as prisoner of war and 
released in 1782. 

George Francis Field, Great-great-grandson 

NATHANIEL GUSHING: Of Pembroke, Mass. Private in 
Capt. Elijah Cushing's Company, which marched on alarm 
of April 19, 1775 ; service, 2 days. Private in Capt. Josiah 
Cushing's Company, Col. John Cushing's Regiment ; 
marched to Bristol, R. I., on alarm of Dec. 8, 1776; served 
15 days. 

Frederic Estabrook Smith, Jr., Great-great-grandson 

58 IS. 31. Bomhj of tl|? B. A. IJ. 

AMAZIAH CUSHMAN: Of Kingston, Mass. Sergeant in 
Capt. Amos Ellis' Company. 4th Suffolk Co. Regiment, 
commanded by Maj. Seth BuUard; service, 14 days. 
Company marched to Tiverton, R. I., on alarm of July 27, 

Asa Cushman, 30, Great-great-grandson 

Private, April, 1775; served 8 months in Capt. Holman's 
Company, Col. Doolittle's Regiment, Mass.; 11 months in 
Capt. Richardson's Company, Col. Hutchinson's Regiment. 
Taken prisoner and confined in prison 7 weeks and 3 days ; 
liberated on parole and remained a prisoner on parole 4 
years. Engaged in battle at Ft. Washington. Pensioned. 

Franklin Elisha Burdick, Great-great-grandson 

DANIEL DAVIS: Of Barnstable, Mass. Civil officer ; mem- 
ber of the Provincial Congress from Barnstable Co., 
Mass., from 1776 to the commencement of the State Con- 
stitution. On election of John Hancock he was appointed 
to Court of Common Pleas; afterwards Chief Justice. 

Charles Dudley Bray, Great-great-great-grandson 

SIMON DAVIS: Of Phipsburg, Maine. April 23, 1775, in 
Capt. Philip Thomas' Company, Col. James Reed's Regi- 
ment, N. H. ; service as Sergeant. 8 months. In June, 
1777, he was Private in Capt. Stone's Company, Col. 
Enoch Hale's Regiment, N. H. : service, 14 days. In 
Battle of Bunker Hill. Widow pensioned. 

Frederick William Allen, Great-grandson 

SAMUEL DORRANCE: Of Scituate, R. I. Clerk of Capt. 
John Edward's Alarm Company of Scituate, R. I., March 
13. 1777. 

Nathan Bowen Barton, Great-grandson 

ISkHorhs at Erhnluttottary AttrfBlorH 59 

Private in Capt. Allen's Company, Col. Smith's Regiment, 
R. I. Militia ; in Capt. Allen's Company, Col. Crary's Regi- 
ment, 1776; raised for three years, Dec. 25, 1776; also 
Private in Capt. Viall Allen's Company of Militia, 1780, 
R. I. 

Charles Lincoln Drown, Great-great-grandson 

JAMES DUNLOP: Of Shippenburg, Penn. Commissioned 
Major of the 6th Pennsylvania March 14, 1776; regiment 
ordered to New York and placed there in the 4th Brigade 
under Gen. Greene, then ordered by Gen. Washington to 
Canada. Took part in engagement at "Three Rivers" and 
other places. Colonel of the ist Battalion, Cumberland 
Co., Penn., Associates, 1777 and 1778; Lieutenant-Colonel 
of the 8th Battalion, Cumberland Co. Associates, May 
10, 1780. 

Albert Charles Hoy, Great-great-grandson 

Guard over cannon at Lexington and from thence to 
Cambridge. Warrant for pay day dated April 26, 1776. 

Frederic Estabrook Smith, Jr., Great-great-grandson 

STEPHEN EASTMAN : Of Hawke, N. H. Served in Capt. 
McFarland's Company, Col. Nixon's Regiment, 1775 ; 
Drummer in same. Enlisted April 30, 1775 ; served 3 
months, 9 days; in same Sept. 30, 1775. Received bounty 
coat or its equivalent in money for 8 months service in 

James Henry Eastman, Great-grandson 

STEPHEN EATON : Of Ashford, Conn. Private in Capt. 
Daniel Allen's Company, Col. Samuel Wyly's Regiment. 
Conn., from May, 1777, to May, 1780; also served 6 

6o E. 31. i'orirlij of tl|p ^. A. S. 

months soon afterwards. Was present at the execution 
of Major Andre; also at Norwalk when the town was 
burned. Pensioned. 

]\IiNER Hamlin Paddock, Great-grandson 

JONATHAN EDDY: Of Glocester, R. I. Private in the 
Captain General's Cavaliers Company for service in the 
expedition to Rhode Island from July 24 to Aug. 31, 1778. 
Pay abstract for four days service. 

Forrest Greenwood Eddy, Great-grandson 
Lewis Anthony Waterman, Great-great-grandson 

WILLIAM EDDY: Of Providence, R. I. May, 1775, i 
month Private in Capt. Smith's Company, Col. Gridley's 
Regiment, Continental; July, 1776, 2 months in Capt. Bar- 
nard Eddy's Company, R. I. ; in Capt. James Hill's Com- 
pany, Col. Walker's Regiment, Mass., May, 1777. i month; 
October, 1777, 2 months; August, 1778, i month. In 
expedition to Crown Point, and in Spencer's, and Sulli- 
van's Expedition to Rhode Island. Pensioned. 

Augustus Osborn Bourn, Jr., Great-great-grandson 
Nicholas Howard Easton, Great-grandson 
Robert Barker Easton, Great-great-grandson 

NATHANIEL FAIRBANKS: Of Dedham, Mass. Enlisted 
in Capt. Samuel McCobb's Company, Col. John Nixon's 
Regiment, 1775. 

Charles Edwin Fairbanks, Great-great-grandson 

JOHN FIELD: Of Providence, R. I. Served as Captain- 
Lieutenant of Hitchcock's, R. I. Regiment from May 3 
to Dec, 1775 On his tomb appears that "Capt. John Field 
. . . during our Revolutionary struggles he distinguished 
himself as a brave, judicious and patriotic nautical and 
military commander from Providence, his native town, 
where he was an honest and useful citizen." 

Henry Huntington Field, Great-grandson 

W^ttavliB of IRpfaoluttonarg AnrpBtors 6 1 

Private in Capt. Ezra Ormsbee's Company, Col. Nathaniel 
Miller's Regiment. Received pay for 14 days service from 
May 28 to June 11, 1778. (Certificate Jeremiah Phinney.) 

George Thurston Spicer, Great-great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL FISH: Of Falmouth, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Elihsa Nye's Company, stationed at Elizabeth Island from 
Feb. 3, 1777, to April 20, 1777; service, yy days. 

Walter Calvin Nye, Great-great-great-grandson 
William Prince Nye, Great-great-grandson 

RICHARD FISHER: Of Wrentham, Mass. Private in 
Capt. Cowell's Company, Col. John Smith's Regiment. 
Marched on alarm of April 19, 1775 ; service, 3 days. 
Corporal in Capt. Percy Cushing's Company, Col. Thomas 
Craft's (Artillery) Regiment. Joined Nov. 9, 1776; 
served to May 8, 1777, 5 months, 28 days. 

Charles Nelson Fisher, Jr., Great-great-grandson 

JAMES FLETCHER: Of Westford, Mass. Sergeant on 
Lexington Alarm Roll of Capt. Timothy Underwood's 
Company, Col. William Prescott's Regiment, which 
marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775, from Westford, 
Mass. Length of service, 19 days. 

Joseph Arnold Warren, Great-great-grandson 
Joseph Draper Warren, Great-grandson 

THOMAS FOSDICK: Of Boston, Mass. Fifer in Capt. 
John Glover's Company ; service, i month, 2 days, August, 
1775. Ensign in Capt. Joel Smith's Company, Col. John 
Glover's Regiment; service, i month, 3 days, 1775. Re- 
ceived bounty for 8 months service in 1775. Brigade 
Major, Continental Army, from March 6, 1777, to March 
6, 1779. 

James Bacon Gay, Great-grandson 
William Henry Gay, Great-grandson 

62 S. 3. Bacwtyi at tl|p B. A. 1. 

SAAIUEL FOSTER: Of Attleboro, Mass., April. 1775, 
Private in Capt. Pond's Company, Col. Joseph Reed's 
Regiment, Mass. ; served 2 years. April, 1777, Corporal 
in Capt. Dexter's Company, Col. Israel Angel's Regiment, 
R. I. ; service, 2 years. Was engaged at "Red Bank" and 
"Monmouth." Pensioned. 

Samuel James Foster, Jr., Great-grandson 

TIMOTHY FOSTER, JR. : Of Dudley, :^Iass. Sergeant in 
Capt. Healey's Company, Col. Larned's Regiment, Mass., 
which marched from Dudley on alarm of April 19, 1775; 
length of service, 6 days. Ensign in same company and 
regiment; enlisted April 24, 1775; time of service, 3 
months, 2 weeks. Commissioned Second Lieutenant 
April 4, 1776. Lieutenant for service at Rhode Island on 
alarm of December, 1776; service, 21 days. Lieutenant 
in Col. Holman's Regiment. Marched from Worcester 
County to reinforce the Northern Army, 1777; service, 30 
days. Commissioned Second Lieutenant Sept. 25, 1778, 
in same regiment. 

Robert Foster Chambers, Great-great-great-grandson 
James Herbert Foster, Great-grandson 

ASA FRANKLIN: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Ensign in Provi- 
dence Alarm Company, Capt. Zephaniah Andrews, July 
24, 1778. Private in Capt. P. Burlingame's Company, 
Col. ^lathewson's Regiment, Militia ; 20 days service, 
Aug. 8 to Aug. 27, 1778. 

Lewis Anthony Waterman, Great-great-grandson 

BENJAMIN FRY: Of East Greenwich, R. I. Lieutenant 
in Capt. Caleb Gardner's Company, Col. William Rich- 
mond's Regiment, ist Regiment, Colony's Brigade of 
Rhode Island, Nov. i, 1775. Promoted to Captain, com- 
missioned to Captain in the 4th R. I. Continental Infantry 
in September, 1776, at which time the regiment was taken 
into Continental pay, and marched to the westward. 

William Congdon Fry, Great-great-grandson 

BENJAMIN FULLER: Of Norton, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Joseph Bates' Company, Col. John Brooks' Regiment, 7th 
Mass. Served from March 27, 1781, to June, 1783. 

Ernest Linwood Fuller^ Great-grandson 

ELEAZER FULLER: Of Needham, Mass. Sergeant in 
Capt. Smith's Company, Col. William Heath's Regiment ; 
service, 14 days, probably on alarm of April 19, 1775. 
Sergeant in Capt. Robert Smith's (Needham) Company 
at the storming of Dorchester Heights in March, 1776; 
service, 4 days. Also Sergeant in Col. Mcintosh's Regi- 
ment in 1778; service, 15 days. 

Frederick William Allen, Great-great-grandson 

ABEL GAGE: Of Pelham, N. H. Private in Capt. John 
Hale's Company, Col. John Stark's Regiment, N. H. ; ser- 
vice, 10 months, in 1 776. Pensioned. 

Ernest Merle Bixby, Great-grandson 

JOHN GAY: Of Dedham, Mass. Lieutenant, Lexington 
alarm, April 19, 1775, in Capt. Joseph Guild's Company 
of Minute Men; service, 13 days. In Capt. Joseph Guild's 
Company, stationed at Roxbury Camp, May, 1775. Lieu- 
tenant in Capt. Guild's Company, 36th Regiment, at camp 
at Fort No. 2, Oct. 5, 1775. Reported enHsted May 3, 

James Bacon Gay, Great-grandson 
William Henry Gay, Great-grandson 

SAMUEL GATES: Of Rutland, Me. Private in Capt. 
David Bent's Company, Col. Nathaniel Sparhawk's Regi- 
ment. Marched from Rutland to Cambridge in response 
to alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 6 days. Served in 
Col. Job Cushing's Regiment from Sept. 5, 1777, to Nov. 
29) ^777', service, 3 months, 5 days at the northward. 

George Franklin Weston, Great-grandson 

64 IS. 31. i'orbty of ll|r B, A. ^. 

HON. ELBRIDGE GERRY : Of Marblehead, Mass. Signer 
of the Declaration of Independence. 

Amory Austin, Great-grandson 

DAVID GRAVES : Of Sunderland, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Oliver Lyman's Company, Col. Ezra May's Regiment. 
Enlisted Sept. 20, 1777; discharged Oct. 14, 1777. Ser- 
vice, 30 days, on an expedition to Stillwater and Saratoga. 

Bert Arthur Burns, Great-great-grandson 

JOB GREENE: Of Coventry, R. I. Second Lieutenant in 
Capt. Hammett's Company, Nov. 20, 1776, and Dec. 23, 
1776. Served also from Nov. i to Dec. i, 1777; also 
received pay for 3 months and 20 days service from May 
10 to Aug. 30, 1777. Second Lieutenant in Capt. Ham- 
mett's Company, Col. William Barton's Regiment. U. S. 
Service. Received pay for 2 months from Dec. i, 1777, 
to Feb. I, 1778. Second Lieutenant in Alarm Company, 
Coventry. Lieutenant in Senior Class Company, Militia, 
Coventry, 1780 and 1781. 

LoDOWiCK HoxiE Tillinghast, Great-great-grandson 
George Leon Tillinghast, Great-great-great-grandson 

JOSEPH GREENE: Of East Greenwich, R. I. Served i 
month in 1776 as Private, and served as Sergeant 6 
months in 1777, 6 months in 1778, 6 months in 1779, 6 
months in 1780, and 2 months in 1781, under Capt. 
Richard Fry, R. I. In Sullivan's Expedition. Widow 

Hezekiah Church Wardwell, Great-great-grandson 
Lewis Bradford Waldron, Great-grandson 
Howard Kingsley Brown, Great-great-grandson 
Thomas Linn Brown, Great-great-grandson 
Theodore Orman Gladding, Great-grandson 

W^ttorhs of ISpfanlutinnary AnrpstnrH 65 

PAUL GREENE: Of Warwick, R. I. Private in Capt. 
Squire Millerd's Company, Col. Waterman's Regiment, 
R. I. Militia. 

George Henry Kenyon, Great-great-grandson 

WILLIAM GREEN : Of Virginia and Kentucky. Member 
of Gen. Washington's Staff, as gentleman volunteer with- 
out pay. Was with Washington at Valley Forge and 
active at the crossing of the Delaware. Took dispatches to 
Gen. Morgan and was with him at the Battle of Cowpens. 

William Shelby Reed, Great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL HAMLIN : Of Providence. R. I. Lieutenant, 
Second Company, Providence, under Capt. Lewis Peck, 
1st Providence Regiment Militia, Col. John Mathewson, 
1778, and Col. Amos Atwell in 1779. Was a signer of 
the Declaration of the Citizens of Providence of Aug. 5, 

Richard Ely Hamlin, Great-grandson 

PHILIP HATHAWAY, JR.: Of Freetown, Mass. Ensign 
in Capt. James Briggs' Company, Col. John Bailey's Regi- 
ment, from Dec. 10, 1775, to Feb. i, 1776. First Lieu- 
tenant in Capt. Benjamin Read's (4th Company) of 2nd 
Bristol Co. Regiment, April 26, 1776. Lieutenant in Capt. 
Elijah Walker's Company, Col. John Hathaway 's Regi- 
ment, for service at Rhode Island; service, 21 days, after 
April 23, 1777. Lieutenant in Capt. Benjamin Read's 
Company, Col. John Hathaway 's Regiment, Aug. 3 to 
Aug. 7, 1780. 

George Warren Evans, Great-great-grandson 

PELEG HEATH: Of Barrington, R. I. Ensign in Capt. 
Peter Church's Company in 1775 ; Lieutenant of Capt. 
Carr's Company in 1776; Major of the Bristol Co. Regi- 
ment in 1777; Recruiting Officer for town of Barrington 

66 a. 3f. Bat'xtt^ at tl]p B. A. S. 

same year; Alajor of the Bristol Co. Regiment, 1778, 1780 
and 1781. 

William Hailes Palmer, Great-great-grandson 

STEPHEN HICKS (or HIX) : Of Rehoboth, Mass. Served 
from Aug. 12, 1776, to November, 1776, in Capt. Isaac 
Hodges' Company, and Capt. Bullock's Company, Col. 
Thomas Carpenter's Regiment, 5 days. Marched from 
Rehoboth to Bristol on alarm of Dec. 8, 1776. In Capt. 
Sylvanus Martin's Company, Col. Williams' Regiment, 
from Sept. 29 to Oct. 30, 1777. In Lieut. James Horton's 
Company, Col. Carpenter's Regiment, Aug. i to Aug. 6, 
1780; 6 days. Company marched to Tiverton, R. I. 

Frank Howard Martin, Great-grandson 

CALEB HILL: Of North Kingstown, R. I. First Lieutenant 
of Alarm Company of North Kingstown, R. I. Chosen 
by the General Assembly June 21, 1779. 

Charles Greene Hill, Great-great-grandson 
Frank Robinson Hill, Great-great-great-grandson 
Everett Irving Mathewson, Great-great-grandson 
Syria Wilbur Mathewson, Jr., Great-great-grandson 
Thomas Green Mathewson, Great-great-grandson 

JONATHAN HODGES: Of Norton, Mass. Private in 
Capt. Robinson's Company from Aug. 13, 1779, to Sept. 
I9> 1779 j s^so served in Continental Army from July 4 
to Dec. 3, 1780; service, 5 months, 10 days. Also in Col. 
Isaac Dean's Regiment (Bristol Co.) March 4 to March 
15, 1781 ; service, 13 days. Company raised for 40 days 
service at Rhode Island by order of His Excellency John_ 

John Orren Sanford, Great-grandson 

WALTER HOUGH: Of Canterbury, Conn. Surgeon's- 
Mate on Staff of Brig.-Gen. David Waterberry ; joined 
July I, 1781. Gen. Waterberry 's Battalion was raised for 

SrrorJia of iSpboluttonartJ AnrfstorH 67 

the defense of the sea coasts from Horseneck to New 
Haven, Conn ; brigade joined Washington at Phillips- 
burg, and for some time after was under Heath's orders 
in Westchester line. Widow pensioned. 

Walter Scott Hough, Grandson 

DAVID HOWELL: Of Providence, R. L On committee 
appointed by General Assembly to confer with the Gov- 
ernor of Connecticut on attack on Rhode Island in 1777; 
member of General Assembly from Providence, 1779; 
Captain of an Alarm Company, Providence, 1779; elected 
Justice of Court of Common Pleas, Providence Co., 1780 
and 1 78 1 ; elected Justice of the Supreme Court of Rhode 
Island, 1 781 ; Delegate to Congress in 1782 and 1783. 

George Hitchcock, Great-great-grandson 

GIDEON HOXSIE: Of Charlestown, R. I. August, 1775, 
appointed second in command of armed body of men 
under James Rhodes, organized for the purpose of remov- 
ing the cattle and sheep from Block Island. Appointed 
Lieutenant-Colonel of Col. Richmond's Regiment Oct. 31, 
1775; Deputy in General Assembly, 1776, 1777 and 1780, 
from Charlestown, R. I. ; chosen a member of the Council 
of War during the recess of the General Assembly in 
1777; appointed Lieutenant-Colonel in Senior Class, Regi- 
ment of Militia for King's County, in 1780. 

William Congdon Fry {Supplemental), Great-great- 

JEREMIAH JENCKES: Of Providence, R. I. Private in 
Capt. Ballou's Company, Col. Mathewson's Regiment of 
Militia, from Aug. 6 to Aug. 27, 1778. He received ii 
9s. and 4 pence for said service. Elected Ensign of ist 
Company of Militia, Providence, by General Assembly in 
June, 1780 and 1781. 

Area Dike Smith, Great-grandson 

68 '€. 3J. §>nripli| nf tl)c B, A. 1. 

OLU'ER JILLSON: Of Attlchoro, Mass. Private in Cajit. 
Jacob Fuller's C()ni])any, Col. John Jacob's Regiment, 
Mass., 1778; service, 7 months. Seaman under Capt. 
Samuel Tuck'er, frigate "IJoston," 32 guns; service, 11 
months. Sailing Master's Mate under Capt. Rabcock in 
sloo]) "Gen. Mifllin," 22 guns, 1779; service, over 2 years. 
In his last service his vessel was captured by the British 
frigate "Rolla" and he was sent to Portsmouth, England, 
and imi)risoncd over two years. Pensioned. 

Esi':k Arnold Jif.i.son. Son 

ISAAC JOHNSON : Of Coventry, R. I. Second Lieutenant 
in Col. Stanton's Regiment, 1776, R. I.; Second Lieu- 
tenant in Capt. Josiah Gibbs' Company ; commission dated 
Jan. 3, 1777. Served as Major of 2nd Regiment Militia, 
Kent County, in 1778 and 1779; member of "Alarm List" 
of East Greenwich, R. I.; Dei)uty from Coventry, 1782. 

Im<i:i)|':kic i^.\kij'; \Viiit.\kkk, Cireat-great-grandson 

THOMAS JONES: Of Union, Me. Private ; enHsted 1779 
or 1780 in Capt. William Scott's Company, Col. Joseph 
Cilley's Regiment, N. 11.; served to the close of the war, 
1783. Pensioned. 

Frank M.wn.xri) Li<:.\ch, Great-great-grandson 

ALEXANDER KELLOCH: Of Warren, Me. Second 
Lieutenant in Capt. Thomas Starret's 4th Lincoln Co. 
Regiment, Mass. Militia, 1776; Lieutenant in Capt. 
Ulner's Company, Col. Samuel McCobb's Regiment, from 
July 8, 1779, to Sept. 24, 1779, on Penobscot expedition. 
Company detached by order of IJrig.-Gen. Gushing to pro- 
tect eastern part of Lincoln County and stationed at Cam- 
den and St. George from Nov. 13, 1779, to Feb. 13, 1780. 

Lkwis llovvi': K.\Lrx)Cii, Great-grandson 

WILLIAM KENYON: Of Richmond, R. I. Orderly Ser- 
geant in Capt. Sweet's Company, Col. Cook's Regiment, 

iKrrlU•^il nf ffirluilutimtarii Anrr«tnr« 69 

R. 1., Aug. 1, i77'>; service, 4 moiilhs. hi ('ai)l. Adams' 
Company, Col. l*'lliott's Kcginu'iit, Dcrcmljcr. i//'); ser- 
vice, 8 montlis. In Capt. Clark's Company, Col. Dyer's 
Regiment, March, 1778; service, _' nionllis. In Capt. 
Green's Company, Col. Noycs' Regiment, July, 177S; ser- 
vice, I month. In Capt, (lavit's Company, C'ol. Noycs' 
Regiment, March, 1779; service, .1 months; and served 
short terms in 177') and 17X0, aggregating ,^ months. 

Al.l'.l'.KI- |M^\NKI.IN Kl'.NN'ON, Son KlN(;,Si;i<:in': or Oxford, I'rivatr in 
Capt. Jeremiah Kingsl)er\'s ((Hnpany, Col. Jonathan 
I lolman's Regiment. Roll dated |an. 20, 1777; service, 
21 days. vSergeant in Capt. .Sannul I Inhhard's Company, 
Col. Jol) Cushing's i\eginient, Sept. 5 to Nov. J<>, 1777; 
in Capt. Samuel I lealy's Company, C"ol. John J.ncoh's 
(Light infantry) Reginu'iit. .Sept. jj to Nov. 22, 1779; 
service, 2 months, 7 days at Rhode Island. 

Ci:ou(a<: Nici.son KiNCSinnn', (Ii-eal great grandson 

SAMLJICL KINCSI'.I'.RV: Of Oxford, Mass. Private in 
Capt. lienjann'n Uichardson's (Ompany, ('ol. Nicholas 
hike's Regiment, 177'^). ( aptain in John Putnam's Com 
pany. Col. Wade's Regiment. Marched from Worcester 
June, 1778, to join army imder Cen. .Sullivan at Provi- 
dence for 21 days; also Capt. .Samuel I lealy's Company, 
Col. John Jacoh's Regiment, from .Sept. 17 to Nov. 17, 
1779; service, 2 months, 6 days at i\hode island. .Also 
( 'orporal in Capt. P.eiijamin /Mlton's Company, Col. |ohn 
Rand's Regiment, from July, 17(S(), to ( )ctoher, 1780; 
service, 3 months, 11 days at West Point. 

Ci'.oKci', Ni'.i.soN ixiNcsiMiNv, ( ireat-graudsou 

ROI'.I'.RT KNICIIT: Of Providence and Cran.ston, R. I. 
Was a memher of a troop of liorse called the "Captain 
Ceneral's Cavaliers" of the R. I. Militia, and served imder 

70 IS. 31. ^nriptu of tl^p ^. A. 1. 

the command of Col. Benjamin Slack and Lieut. -Col. 
Daniel Manton several terms. 

Henry Dyer Knight, Great-great-grandson 
George Thurston Spicer, Great-great-great-great-grand- 

HENRY KNOX: Of Boston, Mass. Major-General; en- 
gaged in planning the siege works about Boston ; bringing 
of artillery from Ticonderoga to Cambridge ; services at 
battles of Trenton and Yorktown, etc. First Secretary of 
War, twice appointed. 

Henry Th..\tcher Fowler, Great-great-grandson 

Served as Private, 1776, 8 months. South Carolina. Three 
years, from 1778. under Col. Henry Jackson, Mass. First 
term of service was in an artillery company stationed at 
Fort Moultrie, S. C. Pensioned. 

William Harricott Price. Great-great-grandson 

CALEB LEGG: Of ]\Iendon, Mass. Private on Lexington 
Alarm Roll of Capt. John Albee's (ist Mendon Com- 
pany), which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775, 
from Mendon to Roxbury ; service. 6 days. Served as 
Corporal in Capt. Andrew Peter's Company, Col. Joseph 
Read's Regiment. Enlisted May 8, 1775; served 3 
months ; also with 9 months men in Capt. Cragin's Com- 
pany, Col. Tyler's Regiment, mustered Aug. 4, 1779. 

DeLancey Gwilliam Rice Cocroft, Great-great-grand- 
Mason Freeman Cocroft, Great-great-grandson 
Otis Mason Freeman, Great-grandson 

ISAAC LEWIS: Of Greenwich. Conn. Chaplain in Col. 
Philip Burr Bradley's Battalion, Wardsworth's Brigade, 
in 1776, Conn. State Troops. In November most of the 
regiment was sent to assist in defending Fort Washington, 

Uprorlifi nf Uflioluttnuarg AurtBlorB 7 1 

which fell Nov. i6, and was captured wuth the entire gar- 
rison. The prisoners included the Lieutenant-Colonel, 
4 Captains, lo Lieutenants, i Sergeant-Major, lo Ser- 
geants, II Corporals, 6 drums and fifes and 238 privates. 

George Herbert Peet, Great-great-grandson 

in the 3rd Company of Militia of the town of Exeter, 
R. L Appointed in June, 1778. 

Jesse Wanton Shippee Lillibridge, Great-great-great- 

CHARLES LIPPITT: Of Cranston, R. L Lieutenant in 
Col. Richmond's Regiment in November, 1775. Appointed 
Assistant Commissary of Issues at the Post of Warwick, 
R. L, April I, 1778. by Solomon Southwick. D. C. Genera! 
Issues. Took the oath of fidelity to the U. S. of A. April 
25. 1778. Pensioned. 

George Lippitt Andrews. Brig.-Gen. U. S. A. Retired, 

George Andrews. Col. U. S A., Great-grandson 

NATHAN LULL, Sen. : Of Butternuts, New Morris, N. Y. 
Private, in July, August and October, 1780, in a New York 
regiment of levies for the defense of the State, under com- 
mand of Capt. Christopher Mullen and Col. Morris Gra- 
ham, this regiment being in active service in the Revolu- 
tionary War. 

Warren Aiken Lull. Grandson 

BENJAMIN LUTHER: Of Johnston. R. I. Served as Pri- 
vate and Sergeant, 1775, 8 months; Sergeant, December, 
1776, I month; July, 1777, i month; October, 1777, i 
month; November, 1777, i month; 1778, 3 months. 
Served under Capts. Field, R. Fenner. Alverson and 

72 1. 3. ^nripty nf tl|p B. A. S. 

Robinson, and Cols. Hitchcock, Atwood and Hoppin, R. I. 

Frederic Earle Whitaker, Great-great-grandson 
Charles Dean Kimball, Great-grandson 

DANIEL MANTON : Of Johnston, R. I. First Lieutenant 
of Captain General's Cavaliers, 1777; Lieutenant-Colonel 
of same, on pay roll for service in the expedition to Rhode 
Island from July 24 to Aug. 31, 1778. 

Joseph Potter Manton, Great-grandson 
Joseph Potter Manton, Jr., Great-great-grandson 
Benjamin Dyer Manton, Great-grandson 
Manton Campbell Mitchell, Lieut. U. S. A., Great- 

JEREMIAH MANTON: Of Johnston, R. I. Private, 4K' 
months in 1776, under Col. Slack, R. I. Afterwards 
called out at various times from 1777 to 1781, serving 
under his father, Lieut. -Col. ]\Ianton. His whole service 
aggregated 2 years or more. Pensioned. 

Joseph Potter Manton, Grandson 
Benjamin Dyer Manton, Grandson 
Joseph Potter Manton, Jr., Great-grandson 
Manton Campbell Mitchell, Lieut. U. S. A., Great- 

NOAH MATHEWSON : Of Johnston, R. I. Deputy from 
town of Johnston in Rhode Island General Assembly May, 
1777. Appointed Recruiting Officer for town of Johnston 
July, 1780. 

Charles Augustus Hubbard, Jr., Great-great-grandson 

Co., Penn. Private in Capt. John McClure's Company of 
South Carolina Troops. At the Battle of Camden or the 
Battle of Hanging Rock he was wounded in the right arm 
and right side, for which he was pensioned. 

Harry Maxwell Mays, Great-grandson 


Uprorifi of iSpbnluttmiarg AnrpBlorB ^z 

ISAAC MEDBERY: Of Scituate, R. I. Private in Capt. 
Kimball's Company, Col. Hitchcock's Regiment ; 8 months 
service in 1775. 

Charles Vasel Medbery, Great-great-grandson 

ELISHA MOWRY: Of Smithfield, R. I. Lieutenant-Colonel 
in Col. Chad Brown's Regiment, 2nd Regiment of Militia, 
Providence County, 1776. 

Elisha Capron Mowry, Great-great-grandson 

NAPTHALI NEWHALL: Of Chelsea, Mass. Private in 
Col. Samuel Gerrish's Regiment, June, 1775 in Capt. 
Samuel Sprague's (9th) Company, Lieut. -Col. Baldwin's 
(38th) Regiment; Drummer in Capt. Ezra Badlam's 
Company, Col. Baldwin's (26th) Regiment. Pay abstract 
for February, April and May, 1776. On list of men raised 
to serve in the Continental Army, Feb. 14, 1778. Engaged 
for town of Chelsea ; joined Capt. Cogswell's Company, 
Col. Weston's (Wesson's) Regiment; term, 3 years, or 
during war. 

George Harwood Newhall, Great-grandson 

JOSEPH NOYES: Of Westerly, R. L Colonel of ist Regi- 
ment, R. L Militia, in Kings County, during the War of 
the American Independence. 

Benjamin Franklin Robinson, Jr., Great-great-grand- 
Samuel Rodal\n Robinson, Great-great-grandson 

JOHN NYE: Of Falmouth, Mass. Sergeant in Capt. Joseph 
Palmer's Company of Militia, which marched on alarm 
of April 19, 1775 ; service, 3 days. Also First Lieutenant 
in Capt. Samuel Fish's loth (2nd Falmouth Company) 
Regiment of Mass. Militia. Reported commissioned April 
5, 1776. Also Lieutenant in Capt. Fish's Company, Col. 

74 2^- 3. i'ortfty of 1I|p B. A. iS. 

Freeman's Regiment ; service, 8 days on an alarm at Dart- 
mouth and Falmouth in September, 1779. 

William Prince Nye, Great-grandson 
Walter Calvin Nye, Great-great-grandson 

STEPHEN OLNEY: Of North Providence, R. L Captain 
in Col. Israel Angell's 2nd Rhode Island Regiment. 
Fought at Long Island, White Plains, Monmouth, Spring- 
field, Red Bank and Yorktown. Pensioned. 

Carroll Borden Hodges, Lieut. U. S. A., Great-great- 

EZRA ORMSBEE: Of Warren, R. I. Captain of Company 
of Mihtia in Warren, R. I., 1775-76; Captain in Col. 
Nathan Miller's Regiment, R. I. Militia, from May 28 to 
June II, 1778. 

William Bullock Child, Great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL OSBORN: Of , Mass. First Lieu- 
tenant in Capt. Wheeler's Company, Col. Jonathan Reed's 
Regiment, Mass. Militia. 

George Lewis Falls, Great-great-grandson 
Russell Curtis Falls, Great-great-grandson 

BENJAMIN PAINE: Of Glocester, R. I. Served as Private 
12 months in Capt. Tourtellot's Company. Col. Crary's 
Regiment. R. I. Pensioned. 

Henry Gilbert Thresher, Great-grandson 

ISAAC PAINE: Of Foster, R. I. Appointed Lieutenant of 
4th Company of Scituate, R. I. Militia, 1779; appointed 
Captain in 1781. His company became known as 2nd 
Company of Foster. R. I. Militia, after the division of 
Scituate in 1781. 

Henry Joshua Paine, Great-great-grandson 

l&tcorha of Srlmlutionary AnrpBtnrs 75 

ELIAS SANFORD PALMER: Of North Stonington, Conn. 
First Lieutenant in 4th Battalion, Wadsworth's Brigade, 
Col. Samuel Selden, 1776; battalion raised in June, 1776, 
to reinforce Washington in New York. Served in New 
York and on Long Island. Caught in the retreat and panic 
of Sept. 15, when the city was abandoned and suffered 
some loss. Was present with the army until Dec. 25, 1776, 
when term of regiment expired. 

Herbert Franklin Billings, Great-great-grandson 

EPHRAIM PARCE: Of Johnston, R. L Ensign in Capt. 
Emor Olney's Company, Col. Mathewson's Regiment. In 
expedition against Newport, 1778; served 22 days, from 
Aug. 6 to Aug. 27, 1778. 

Franklin Elisha Burdick, Great-great-great-grandson 

PHILIP PECK: Of Rehoboth, Mass. A Minute Man; 
marched on alarm, April 19, 1775, in Capt. Samuel Bliss' 
Company. Sergeant in Capt. Hick's Company, Col. Car- 
penter's Regiment; service, 16 days, on the alarm at Bris- 
tol, R. I., Dec. 8, 1776. Second Lieutenant in Capt. Ide's 
Company, Col. Carpenter's Regiment, from Aug. 13 to 
Sept. 12, 1779. Company detached to serve in Rhode 
Island for 4 weeks. Commissioned Second Lieutenant in 
Capt. Hick's Company, ist Bristol Co. Regiment, Sept. 17, 
1779; Second Lieutenant in Capt. Hick's Company, Col. 
Carpenter's Regiment ; service, 6 days. Marched to Tiver- 
ton, R. I., on an alarm. 

Cyril Francis Peck, Great-great-grandson 

SOLOMAN PECK: Of Barrington, R. I. Private in Capt. 
Allin's Company of Militia, Barrington. R. I., on Aug. 25, 
1775. Clerk in Barrington Alarm Company, Capt. 

76 E. 31. i^orirty of tl]r B, A. iS- 

Thomas Allin, on duty at Bristol on the alarm of April i, 

Frederick Stanhope Peck, Great-great-grandson 
Leander Remington Peck, Great-grandson 
Henry Perry Porter {Supplemental), Great-great- 

JEREMIAH PHILLIPS: Of Warwick, R. I. Served in 
Capt. Thomas Holden's Company, R. I. Militia, from 
May, 1775, to Jan. i, 1776; in Capt. Millerd's Company 
of Militia from the town of Warwick, Col. Waterman's 
Regiment, for 3 terms, Jan. 9, to Feb. 8, 1777; April 6 
to April 20, 1777, and from July 11 to July 27, 1777; and 
in Capt. Hopkins' Company, Col. Olney's Regiment, dur- 
ing the entire month of October, 1781. His widow was 

Edwin Rhodes Knight, Jr., Great-great-grandson 
Eugene Wesley Knight, Great-great-grandson 

ABEL PIERCE: Of Weston, Alass. On list of men raised 
in Middlesex Co. in 1779 to serve in Continental Army. 

Byron Ainsworth Pierce, Great-grandson 

ISAAC PIERCE: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Nathaniel Ide's Company, Col. Carpenter's Regiment. 
Enlisted August, 1779; discharged Sept. 15, 1779. Com- 
pany detached from militia to serve at Rhode Island for 
4 weeks in a regiment under Capt. Samuel Fisher. 

Addison Pierce Munroe, Grandson 

PHILIP PLACE: Of East Greenwich, R. I. Private. 
Served in Rhode Island under Gen. Sullivan. Pensioned. 

Herbert Sheldon Tillinghast, Great-great-grandson 

iAetathB of lSrli0luttonarij Atirrators 77 

WILLIAM POLLEY (or POLLEYS ) : Of Medford. Mass. 
In Capt. Isaac Hall's Company, Col. Thomas Gardner's 
Regiment, which assembled April 19, 1775 ; service, 3 days. 
On list of men raised to reinforce the Continental Army 
for the term of 6 months. Returned by Brig.-Gen. John 
Glover at Springfield, July 8. 1780. Engaged for town of 
Medford. Marched to camp July 8, 1780, under com- 
mand of Ebenezer Kent. 

Byron Ainsworth Pierce, Great-great-grandson 

CALEB POTTER: Of Cranston. R. I. Private in Captain- 
General's Cavaliers, a corps of cavalry under Col. Ben- 
jamin Slack and Col. Manton, which did service in the 
expedition to Rhode Island from July 24 to Aug. 31, 1778. 
He also served in Capt. Charles Holden, Jr.'s, Company 
during the month of November, 1780. 

George Thurston Spicer, Great-great-great-grandson 

JOHN POTTER: Of South Kingstown. R. I. Deputy to 
General Assembly from South Kingstown, 1774 and 1775 ; 
member of committee appointed by General Assembly of 
Rhode Island, in 1775, upon any sudden emergency with 
full power to take all prudent and necessary measures for 
the safety of the United Colonies in general and this 
Colony in particular, and to employ two armed vessels. 
Appointed in 1776 for similar purpose, and appointed on 
several other important committees. 

George Curtis Darling, Great-great-grandson 
John Oliver Darling, Great-great-grandson 

LUKE POTTER: Of Plymouth, Conn. Private in Capt. 
Jesse Curtis' Company, Col. Noddiah Horton's Regiment, 
April 5. 1777, to May 21, 1777. Stationed at Peeksville 
at Barracks 3. 

William Prescott Potter, Great-grandson 

7^ H. 3f. ^orirlg of X^i B, A. IS. 

SMITON POTTER: Of Richmond, R. L Commissioned 
Ensign in ist Company, Richmond, Kings Co. Regiment, 
]\laj. Charles Dyer, October, 1775. Called into service 
February, 1779; also commissioned Lieutenant of Rich- 
mond Co. Senior Class Regiment in 1783. 

Elwin John Ken yon. Great-great-grandson 

JASPER RAND (or RANDS) : Of Shrewsbury, Mass. 
Private in Capt. Newton's Company, Col. Jonathan 
Smith's Regiment, Mass ; served 5 months, from April or 
May, 1776. Private in Capt. Ingalsbee Company. Col. Job 
Cushing's Regiment, Sept. 15, 1777; served 3 months. 
Private in Capt. Belknap's Company, Col. Wade's Regi- 
ment, October, 1778; served 4 months. In battle at Still- 
water Oct. 7, 1777, and surrender of Gen. Burgoyne. 

Sumner Goldthwait Rand, Great-great-grandson 

JOSEPH FRITZ RANDOLPH : Of New Jersey. Captain 
in the Monmouth Co., N. J. Militia, during the Revolu- 
tionary War. 

Edwin Lewis Huntsman, Great-great-grandson 

GARDNER REYNOLDS: Of Exeter, R. I. 1776, Private, 

1 month, in Capt. Jonathan Bates' Company; 1777, 3 
months in same company; 1778, 4 months in same com- 
pany; 1778, I month in Capt. Brown's Company; 1779, 

2 months in Capt. Jonathan Bates' Company; 1780, i 
month in Capt. Robert Reynolds' Company; 1781, i month 
in same company. Engaged in Spencer's and Sullivan's 
expeditions. Widow pensioned. 

Martin Smith Fanning, Great-grandson 

BENJAMIN RHODES : Of Warwick, R. I. Private or Sea- 
man on board the guardship "Pigot Galley ;" also in Paw- 
tuxet Rangers under Capt. Benjamin Arnold. 

George Brown Merchant, Great-great-grandson 

SfroriJB of Srfaolutioitary Anrrstora 79 

PETER RHODES: Of Warwick. R. I. Member of the 
Pawtuxet Rangers, R. I. Officer on board the "Pigot 
Galley," which was stationed in Narragansett Bay for the 
defense of the shores and used for the confinement of 
prisoners, 1778. 

Granville Rhodes Budlong, Great-grandson 
John Rhodes Dennis, Great-great-grandson 
Charles Rhodes Earle, Great-grandson 
CouRTLAND CooK Earle, Great-great-grandson 

ROBERT RHODES : Of Warwick, R. I. Captain of War- 
wick Alarm Company, which served at the Battle of Rhode 
Island Aug. 29, 1778; also served several other terms as 
Captain during the War of the Revolution. 

Christopher Rhodes Stafford, Great-grandson 
Rhodes Updike Eldred, Great-great-grandson 

CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON: Of South Kingstown, R. I. 
Second Lieutenant in Capt. Adams' Company, R. I. 
Militia, June, 1777; Captain-Lieutenant in Capt. Adams' 
Company, Col. Elliot's Regiment, R. I. Militia, February, 
Isaac Rich Robinson, Great-great-grandson 

JOSEPH ROGERS : Of Stephentown, N. Y. In Col. Killian 
Van Rensselaer's Regiment ; on pay roll of Capt. Ichabod 
Turner's Company under command of Lieut. Joel Dease. 

Joseph Franklin Farrally, Great-great-grandson 

BENJAMIN ROPER: Of Sterling, Mass. On list of 6 
months' men raised by the town of Sterling for service 
in the Continental Army. Marched to camp July 10, 1780. 
Discharged Dec. 15, 1780; service, 5 months, 15 days. 

Charles Fremont Roper, Great-grandson 

8o S. 31. B^oriptij of tt|P §>, A. ^. 

STEPHEN SAUNDERS: Of Westerly, R. I. Lieutenant 
and frequently acted as Captain in Capt. John Gavit's 
Company. Col. Joseph Noyes' Regiment, R. I. ; service, 
April, 1775, 3 months; Dec. i, 1776, 4 months; May i, 
1777, 3 months; Jan. i, 1778, 6 months; August, 1778, 
5 months; April, 1779. 5 months; spring, 1780, 3 months; 
also served May, 1781, 2 months in Capt. Peleg Berry's 
Company, Col. Noyes' Regiment. Pensioned. 

George Thurston Spicer, Great-great-grandson 

JOEL SAVAGE: Of Middletown, Conn. Enlisted at 
Lindisfield, Mass., in ]\Iay, 1777, in Capt. Noah Allen's 
Company, Col. Smith's Regiment, Mass. Was in the Battle 
of Stillwater; served 6 months. Enlisted June, 1780, in 
Capt. Smith's Company, same regiment, and served 6 
months. Enlisted August, 1781, in Capt. Skinner's Com- 
pany, Col. Willett's Regiment, New York Troops ; volun- 
teered in Capt. Woodworth's Rangers, and in an engage- 
ment with the Indians between East and West Canada 
Creeks all but five of his command was killed or wounded, 
taken prisoners and carried to Fort Niagara. Ran the 
gauntlet twice in Indian costume and given as a present to 
Col. Butler, a Tory. Refused to serve in British army and 
was put in confinement at the head of St. Lawrence River 
and afterwards shipped to Boston, where he was ex- 
changed Nov. 28, 1782. Pensioned. 

Franklin Elisha Burdick, Great-great-grandson 

ISRAEL SAYLES: Of Glocester, R. I. Private in Capt. 
Asa Kimball's Company, Col. Christopher Lippitt's, 2nd 
Regiment of Foot, R. I. Brigade, Newport. June 6, 1776; 
Private in Hoppin's Company, Lippitt's Regiment. En- 
listed Feb. 18; discharged Sept. 13. Roll undated. Pri- 
vate in Hoppin's Company for September, 1776. 

Albert Hardin Sayles, Great-great-grandson 

Memorial to "Our French Allies" who encamped near 

Rochambeau Avenue, Providence, R. I. 

Shaft erected by the Rhode Island Society of the Sons 

of the American Revolution 

Tablet placed by the -State of Rhode Island 

Dedicated July 29, 1907 

ISprorJia nf iSrlTolitttonarii Anrrstors 8i 

REUBEN SEARS: Of Harwich. Mass. Private in Capt. 
Benjamin Berry's (Harwich) Company, Maj. Zenas 
Winslow's Regiment ; service, 7 days, on alarm at New 
Bedford and Fahiiouth, Sept. 7, 1778. 

Arthur Alden Sears. Great-grandson 

PELEG SLADE: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Service rendered 
chiefly in Rhode Island, not continuous, but consisted of 
various short terms from 1776 to 1780. Held ofifices as 
Second Major, Major and Lieutenant-Colonel. In skir- 
mish at Bristol, R. I. Widow pensioned. 

William Lloyd Slade, Great-grandson 

BENJAMIN SLATER: Of Scituate, R. I. Enlisted March. 
1775; Private in Capt. Pettibow's (7th) Company, 2nd 
Regiment, Connecticut Troops, Gen. Spencer command- 
ing. At Siege of Boston. Discharged Aug. 24, 1775. 

Franklin Elisha Burdick, Great-great-grandson 

BENJAMIN SMITH: Of Providence, R. I. Private in 
Capt. John Field's Company, Col. Hitchcock's Regiment, 
August, 1775 ; service, 8 months. Served various other 
short terms under different ofificers ; among them were 
Capts. Olney and Gavit and Cols. Cook and Crary. Whole 
service not less than 2 years. His widow was pensioned. 

William Joseph Bowditch, Great-grandson 

ELISHA SMITH: Of Smithfield, R. I. Private in Capt. 
Joseph Sprague's Division, in service October, 1777; also 
in Capt. Sprague's Company, Col. Chad Brown's Regi- 
ment ; 3 days alarm service, with Continental wages, July 
24, 1779; also in Capt. Daniel Mowry's Company, Col. 
Chad Brown's Regiment. 

Forrest Greenwood Eddy, Great-great-grandson 

82 K 3. ^ot'xttvi nt lljp #. A. SI. 

JUNI or JUNIA SMITH: Of Smithfield. R. I. Private in 
Capt. Daniel Mowry's Company, Col. George Peck's Regi- 
ment, at Rhode Island, alarm of July and August, 1780. 
Duty in Rhode Island in 1781. 

Forrest Greexwood Eddy^ Great-grandson 

PRESERVED SMITH: Of Ashfield, Mass. Dec. 18, 1776, 
Private 3 months in Capt. Phillips' Company, Col. Robin- 
son's Regiment, Mass.; May 6, 1777, 2 months in Capt. 
Childs' Company, Col. David Wells' Regiment ; Aug. 30, 
1777, 3 months in Capt. Densmore's Company, Col. Wood- 
bridge's Regiment; July 15, 1778, 5 months in Capt. Sor- 
row's Company, Col. Ezra Wood's Regiment. Was at 
second Stillwater and surrender of Gen. Burgoyne. Pen- 

Frederic Estabrook Smith, Jr., Great-grandson 

DANIEL SOULE: Of Plympton, Mass. Private in Lexing- 
ton Alarm Roll of Capt. Thomas Leering's Company April 
^9' 1775- Private in Capt. Ebenezer Washburn's Com- 
pany, Col. Elisha Brooks' Regiment. Engaged Nov. 7, 
17771 service to April 3, 1778, 4 months, 26 days, with 
guards at Cambridge. Corporal in Capt. Jesse Sturtevant's 
Company, Col. John Jacob's Regiment, from July 31, 1780, 
to Oct. 29, 1780. Detached from militia to reinforce Con- 
tinental Army at Rhode Island. 

Fred Chester Lawton, Great-great-grandson 

NATHANIEL SPAULDING: Of Smithfield, R. I. Served 
as Private in the Smithfield and Cumberland Rangers in 

Charles Earle Smith, Great-grandson 

SAMUEL SPENCER: Of Windham, Conn. Private in 
Capt. Pond's Company. Enlisted May 7, 1777; discharged 
Jan. I, 1778; term of service, 8 months. Enlisted Feb. 21, 

iScrortm of Erbnluttmiary AtirrBlors 83 

1778; discharged Dec. 31, 1780. Artificer in Capt. Samuel 
Osborn's Company, Col. Jonathan Baldwin's Regiment, 
Conn. Pensioned. 

Spencer Benjamin Greene, Great-great-grandson 

EDWARD STEARNS: Of Bedford, Mass. Marched from 
Bedford as Private in Capt. John Moore's Company of 
Minute Men in the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 3 
days. In the fight at Concord, upon the death of Capt. 
Wilson, who was shot by the British, the command of the 
Bedford ]\Iilitia devolved on him. 

Walter Henry Stearns, Great-grandson 

JONAH STEERE: Of Glocester. R. I. Committee appointed 
by General Assembly of Rhode Island to receive recruits, 
July, 1780. 

Charles Leveck Steere, Great-grandson 

SAMUEL STINESS (or STINNESS) : Of Marblehead, 
Mass. Served as Private in Capt William Blacklar's 6th 
Company, Col. Glover's Regiment, from Marblehead, 
Mass. Enlisted prior to June 2j, 1775. 

George Armington Stiness, Great-great-grandson 

ROBERT SUTTON : Of Rehoboth, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Phanuel Bishop's Company, which marched on alarm of 
April 19, 1775; service, 8 days. Sergeant in Capt. John 
Perry's Company, Col. Timothy Walker's 22nd Regiment, 
May II, 1775; service, 2 months, 3 weeks and 5 days. 
Served at Tiverton Sept. 29, 1777, to Oct. 3, 1777. He 
was also a sailor on ship "Eagle," commanded by Capt. 
William Groves. 

Charles Edwin Sutton, Great-grandson 

JOSEPH TAYLOR: Of Charlestown, R. I. Private in 
Capt. Parker's Company. Col. Joseph Noyes' Regiment, 

84 H. 31. ^oripty of titp ^. A. 1R. 

R. I. Took part in Gen. Sullivan's Expedition on Rhode 
Island in 1778. 

Philip Kittredge Taylor, Great-grandson 

JONATHAN TIDD: Of Woburn, Mass. First Lieutenant 
on Lexington Alarm Roll of Capt. Joshua Walker's Com- 
pany, Col. David Greene's (2nd Middlesex Co.) Regiment ; 
service, 10 days. Appears on a list of training soldiers 
belonging to the 3rd Woburn Company, commanded by 
Capt. Timothy Winn, dated May 13, 1775. Rank, Lieu- 

Byrox Aixsworth Pierce. Great-great-great-grandson 

CHARLES TILLINGHAST: Of North Kingstown, R. L 
Appointed Recruiting Officer by the General Assembly, 
1775. In November, the year the war broke out, he sent 
his son John on horseback to mill, and while on the way 
was seized by the Tories and made a prisoner, dying from 
rough treatment. In the same month four masked Tories 
entered Charles Tillinghast's house at night, held a pistol 
to his wife's head, while she had a 6 months old child 
in her arms. They took Charles out of bed, drove him 
naked to the beach, put him in a boat and carried him to 
Block Island, where he died 17 days after. 

Charles Tillinghast Straight, Great-great-grandson 
John Avery Tillinghast, Great-great-grandson 
George Tillinghast Gorton, Great-great-grandson 
John Alexander Bates, Great-great-grandson 
Frederick Wheaton Tillinghast, Great-great-grandson 

WILLIAM TOURTELLOT: Of Glocester. R. I. Private 
in Capt. John Whipple's Company, Lieut. -Col. Com- 
mandant George Peck's Regiment. Duty on Rhode Island 
26 days, March 6 to 31, 1781. Served i month under 
Capt. Allen at Newport, R. I. 

Forrest Greenwood Eddy, Great-grandson 

Lewis Anthony Waterman, Great-great-grandson 

WiUorhs of iSrlmlutinnary AtirpHlors 85 

JAMES WALKER: Of Belchertown, Mass. Sergeant on 
Lexington alarm April 19. 1775, Capt. John Cowl's Com- 
pany, Col. Woodbridge's Regiment; served 21 days. 
Second Lieutenant, commissioned Aug. 9, 1776, Capt. 
Elijah Dwight's (9th) Company, Col. Samuel Hawes' 
(4th Hampshire Co.) Regiment of Mass. Militia; First 
Lieutenant in Capt. Hooker's Company, Col. Williams' 
Regiment, from Dec. 15, 1776, to March 18, 1777. Roll 
dated ^^lorristown. Lieutenant from July 9, 1777, to Aug. 
12, 1777. Roll sworn to in Hampshire Co. Also Lieu- 
tenant from Sept. 22, 1777, to Oct. 17, 1777. Roll dated 

George Burt Walker, Great-great-grandson 

JONATHAN WALLEN: Of Providence, R. L Served as 
Captain under Col. Christopher Greene, ist R. L Regi- 
ment, from Jan. i, 1777, to August, 1778. On return of 
ofificers recommended by Gen. Washington to General 
Assembly of Rhode Island for the new establishment. 

Charles Andrew Gale, Great-grandson 

SAMUEL WARD : Of Newport, R. L Member of the Con- 
tinental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774 and 1775 ; Chair- 
man of the Whole when Washington was elected General 
of the Continental Army. 

Edward Gould Chace, Great-great-great-grandson 

LEVI WASHBURN: Of Bridgewater, Mass. Sergeant in 
Capt. Robert Orr's Company of Minute Men at Lexington 
and Concord, Col. John Bailey's Regiment, Mass. 

RoscoE Clifton Washburn, Great-great-grandson 

86 1. i. ^nriply of the B. A. IH. 

WILLIA^I WATERMAN: Of Warwick, R. I. Chosen 
First Lieutenant in W^arwick Alarm Company, R. I. 
Militia, by the General Assembly in June, 1779. 

Charles Henry Allen, Great-great-grandson 
Howard Vernon Allen. Great-great-great-grandson 

WILLIAM WEBBER: Of Pelham, N. H. Private in Capt. 
Fray's Company, Col. Joseph Vose's Regiment, Mass. 
Troops. Service from March, 1781, to May 14, 1783. 

William Alden Austin, Great-grandson 

JOHN WEBSTER: Of Manchester, N. H. Second Major 
on Stafif Roll of Lieut.-Col. Joseph Welch's Regiment of 
New Hampshire Volunteers, under command of Brig.- 
Gen. Whipple, who joined the Northern Continental Army 
at Saratoga in October, 1777. Entry Sept. 27, 1777; dis- 
charged Nov. 8, 1777. Major on Staff Roll of Col. Moses 
Nichols' Regiment of Volunteers. Marched from New 
Hampshire and joined the Northern Continental Army on 
Rhode Island in August, 1778. Entry Aug. 5, 1778; dis- 
charged Aug. 28, 1778. Service, 26 days. 

Leon Marvin Simons, Great-great-grandson 

DAMD WELLS : Of Shelburne, Mass. Lieutenant-Colonel 
of the 5th Hampshire County Regiment, Mass. Militia ; 
commissioned Feb. 8, 1776. Was at the capture of Bur- 
goyne. Representative to the Colonial Congress and 
Representative to the General Court for many years in 

Frederic Estabrook Smith, Jr., Great-great-grandson 

JAMES WELLS: Of North Kingstown a::d Foster, R. I. 
Appointed Ensign of the 6th Company of Scituate, R. I. 
Militia, 1775. by the General Assembly of Rhode Island. 
In 1776 appointed Lieutenant and several times after- 

Uprorlis of Epfanluttonary AnaBtotB 87 

wards. The entire militia force of the Colony was ordered 
into active service after the British landed at Newport. 
R. I. 

Albert Henry Wright, Great-grandson 
James Manchester Wright, Great-grandson 
Nathan Manchester Wright, Great-great-grandson 

WILLIAM WHITAKER: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Appears on 
a list of prisoners on board the cartel "Hastage" to be 
exchanged for British prisoners as returned by Thomas 
Stone. Commissary (year not given, probably 1776). Re- 
ported taken in a prize brig of the schooner "General Put- 
nam" (privateer) by the British ship "Milford." 

Frederic Earle Whitaker, Great-grandson 

ANTIPASS WHITE: Of Uxbridge, Mass. Private of Capt. 
Knapp's Company, Col. Joseph Read's Regiment, 13th 
Continental Infantry, January, 1776; service, i year. 
May 20, 1778, enlisted in regiment commanded by Col. 
Smith, Mass., from which he was transferred to the Grand 
Park Artillery and served until Dec. 20, 1778. as Driver 
of Field Piece No. 3. Col. Lamb's 2nd Continental Artil- 
lery ; also served from May 20, 1780, to Dec. 20, 1780, in 
Lieut. Fielding's Company, Col. Smith's regiment, I3tli 
Mass. Infantry. Pensioned. 

Robert Spencer White, Great-great-grandson 

SILAS WILLIAMS: Of Glocester, R. I. Civil Officer, 
Justice of the Peace, 1769 to 1783 ; Colonial Deputy, town 
of Glocester. 1774 and 1775. 

Frederic Earle Whitaker, Great-great-great-great- 
Charles Dean Kimball, Great-great-great-grandson 

88 iS. 31. B'ortPlg of tlir B. A. IS. 

JOSIAH WOOD : Of Xorthbridge, Mass. Captain ; marched 
from Northbridge to Roxbury with his company on alarm 
of April 19, 1775; service, 10 days. Captain in Col. Ezra 
Wood's (3rd Worcester Co.) Regiment, July, 1776; Cap- 
tain of men raised to serve in the Continental Army Feb- 
ruary, 1778. 

George Thurston Spicer, Great-great-grandson 

BENJAMIN YOUNGS: Of Sharon, Conn. Private in Capt. 
David Down's Company, Col. Charles Burrall's Regiment, 
Conn. Enlisted Feb. i, 1776; length of service, i year. 
W^as in the battle at "The Cedars," at which he was cap- 
tured by the Indians, May 19, 1776, and detained 10 or 
12 days. Pensioned. 

William Luther Sweet, Great-great-grandson 

^ Q 

o ^ 

s 5 



3In il^moriam 

3ln m^mnrtam 

1831 — 1900 

1822 — 1900 

1842 — I 90 I 

• 1848 — 1901 

1808 — 1901 

1820 — I 90 I 

1828 — I 90 I 

1819 — 1901 

1814 — 1901 

1846 — 1901 

* Son of a Revolutionary soldier. 

92 iS. 31. ^odptti of tl|p ^. A. E. 

1835— 1902 

1854— 1902 


1870 — 1902 

1825 — 1902 

1868 — 1902 

1854 — 1902 

1833— 1902 

1858— 1903 

1837— 1903 

181 I — 1903 

1874— 1903 

1828 — 1903 

3ln iH^mnrtam 93 

1823— 1904 

1867 — 1904 


U. S. N., Retired 

1843— 1904 

1837— 1905 

1826 — 1905 

1833— 1906 

1833— 1906 

1852 — 1906 

1844 — 1906 

1856 — 1906 

1839 — 1906 

1848 — 1906 

94 ^' 3. Bamtji 0f ll|? B, A. 1. 

1849 — 1907 

1834— 1907 

1834— 1907 

1831— 1907 

1835— 1907 

1854— 1907 

1836 — 1907 

1847— 1907 

1842 — 1907 

1843— 1907 

1835— 1907 

1851— 1907 

3ltt ilptttortam 95 

1835— 1908 

1859 — 1908 

185 1 — 1908 

1834 — 1908 

1843— 1909 

1862 — 1909 

1862 — 1909 

1844 — 1909 

1846 — 1909 

1858 — 1910 

1857— 1910 

1810 — 1910 

* Son of a Revolutionary soldier. 

96 K 31. ^ortPltr of tl|p B. A. U. 

1845— 1910 

1839 — 19 10 

i860 — 1910 

1851 — 1910 

1853— 1910 

1849 — 1910 

1835— 1910 

1856 — 1910 

1850 — 1910 

1854— 191 1 



iSriatoI (EI|aptpr Nn. 1, Bristol, R.I. 
President — Henry Maitland Gibson 
Vice-President — *JonN Harvey Merrill 
Secretary — Joseph Franklin Farrally 
Treasurer — Frederic Fillmore Gladding 
Historian — George Ulric Arnold 
Poet — William Leonard Manchester 

^roUtbpnrr (III]aptpr No. 2. Providence, R. I. 

President — Robert Perkins Brown 
]' ice-President — Frederic Willard Easton 
Secretary and Treasurer — Arthur Preston Sumner 
Historian — Wilfred Harold Munro 

JPahiturkpt (Cbaptpr 5?a. 3. Pawtucket, R. I. 

President — Henry Clinton Dexter 
Vice-President — Charles Henry French 
Secretary — Frederic Eastabrook Smith, Jr. 
Treasurer — Theodore Everett Dexter 
* Deceased. 

98 iS. 31. ^ot'xttn of 11|P B, A. E. 

SCpnt (Eountg miiaptpr No. 4, East Greenwich, R. I. 


President — Howard Vernon Allen 

Vice-President — Thoimas Wilson Chace 

Secretary and Treasurer — Nathaniel Rowland Brown 

Registrar — William Arnold Browning 

Historian — Herbert Morton Clarke 

Chaplain— Rev. Charles Fremont Roper 

Members representing this Society in the General Greene 
Memorial Association during the year 1910: 

John Edward Studley Term expires Aug. 7, 191 1 

George Franklin Weston Term expires Aug. 7, 1912 

Henry Van Amburgh Joslin Term expires Aug. 7, 191 3 

William Chace Greene Term expires Aug. 7. 1914 

Arthur Wellington Dennis Term expires Aug. 7, 191 5 

The General Greene Memorial Association was organized 
for the purpose of erecting a memorial to Major-General 
Nathanael Greene and was incorporated by the General 
Assembly of Rhode Island, April 18, 1907. consisting of the 
following-named organizations, viz. : 

Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Rhode Island. 

Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revolu- 

Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the Revolution. 

State Conference of Daughters of the American Revolution 
in Rhode Island. 

Rhode Island Historical Society. 

Newport Historical Society. 

The Rhode Island Society, S. A. R., has during the past 
eight years contributed the sum of $800 to the Association 
towards the erection of said memorial. 

(Brubta of ISpfaoIuttmtarg g'ollitprB 

List of Patriots of the American Revolution whose Graves have 
been marked with S. A. R. markers. 


Name Cemetery Tozvn 

Ebenezer Adams Prince's Hill Barrington 

Newdigate Adams " " 

Joseph Viall Allen " " 
Samuel Allen 
Capt. Viall Allen 

Samuel Barnes " " 

Thomas S. Beane " " 
Asa Bicknell 
Joshua Bicknell, Jr. 

Winchester Bicknell " " 

Edward Bosworth " " 

Capt. Samuel Bosworth " " 

William Brown " " 
Maj.Peleg Heath 
Nathaniel Heath 

Josiah Humphrey " " 

Amos Peck " " 

Ebenezer Peck " " 
Joel Peck 

Solomon Peck " " 

George Salisbury " " 
Sergt. Nathaniel Smith 

Ensign Simon Smith " " 

Ebenezer Tiffany " " 

Solomon Townsend, Jr. " " 

Consider Tripp " " 

(grab^H of Sfbolittionarii ^oliJirrs 


Sergt. Benjamin Drown 
Daniel Drown 
Jonathan Jenckes Drown 
Joshua Kent 
Benjamin Martin 
Ensign James Martin 
John Martin 
Col. Nathaniel IMartin 
Rufus Martin 
Samuel Martin 
David Read 
John Short 
Samuel Short 
Comfort Stanley 
Lieut. Moses Tyler 
Mathew Allin 
Capt. Thomas Allin 
Scipio Freeman (colrd.) 
Benjamin Medbury 
Lieut. John Medbury 
Allen Viall 
Lieut. Samuel Viall 
Joseph Grant 
Mathew Watson 
Ensign Luther Martin 
James Allen 
Maj. WilHam Bradford 
Jonathan Fales 
William Gladding 
Edward Munro 
Nathaniel Munro 
Samuel R. Paine 
Capt. Nathaniel Phillips 
Royal San ford 
Stephen Talber 
Marshall Waldron 

Cemetery Tozvn 

Tyler's Point, Barrington 

Allin's Yard, Drownville 

Burial Hill. North 
Watson Yard 
Nayatt Yard 
East Burial Ground 



5R. S. g>nnpty of t\)t §>, A. IS. 



Benjamin Wilcox 

East Burial Ground 


Sergt. Hezekiah Willard 



Qr.-Mr.-Gen. Benjamin Bourne Juniper Hill 


Nelson Miller 



Col. Nathaniel Pearce 



Rev. Henry Wight, Surgeon 



Maj. Benjamin Bosworth 

North Cemetery 


Simeon Bullock 



Col. Peter Church 



Thomas Church 



Maj. Newberry Coggeshall 



Sergt. William Coggeshall 



Nathaniel Fales 



Loring Finney 



Nathaniel Manchester 



Sergt. David Maxfield 



Col. Simeon Potter 



Jonathan Reynolds 



Joseph Reynolds 



Samuel Reynolds 



Capt. Edward Talber 



Nathaniel Hix West 



Thomas Wilson 



John DeWolf 



Capt. James W. Brayton 

North Burial Ground 


Nicholas Campbell 



Quartermaster Benjamin Cranston " 


John Haile 



Brig.-Gen. Nathan Miller 



Martin Luther 

South Burial Ground 


Alexander Mason 

Mason Burial Ground 


James Mason 



Joseph Munro, 

Munro Corner 


Frederick Luther 



Peter Richards 



(grabFS of ISfbolultotiary i>olJitpr0 103 

Landal Cole 
Seth Cole 
James Short 

Cole Farm 

East Warren 


Jacob Greene 

Joshua Franklin 

Maj. Thomas F. Arnold 

Near Anthony 

Knotty Oak 

East Greenwich 

East Greenwich 

Charles Brown 
Greene Capron 
Joseph Card 
James Miller 
Jeremiah Place 
Philip Place 
James Pollard 
William Rice 
Caleb Shippee 
Anthony Spencer 
Ebenezer Spencer 
John Spencer 
James Sweet 
Robert Vaughn 
Col. Alicah Whitmarsh 
Oliver Wicks 
James Wightman 
Anthony Arnold 
Benjamin Barton 
John Clemence 
Jabez Comstock 
Capt. James Greene 
Gen. Thomas Holden 
Maj. Thomas Hughes 
Benjamin Rhodes 
James Rhodes 
Capt. Robert Rhodes 
Capt. Sylvester Rhodes 

Shippee Burying Ground 
Bailey Farm 

Briggs Farm " 

East Greenwich " 

Frenchtown " 

Casey Wood Farm " 

Rice Burying Ground " 
Shippee Burying Ground 

Shippee Farm " 

Spencer Farm " 

a u 

Card's Corner " 
Farm Dist. No. 3 " 

East Greenwich " 
2 Miles from Village 
Wightman Burying Ground " 
Farm, Centreville 
Barton's Corner 




Pawtuxet Highland 




^. 31. i'odPty nf tl|r i>. A. 1. 

John Walton 
Gen. Thomas Westcott 
Job Whipple 
Joseph Bailey 
Augustus Ellis 

Cemetery Tozun 
Apponaug Warwick 
Old Warwick 

W. of Nooseneck Hill 
S. of Nooseneck Hill 

West Greenwich 


Job Briggs 
Sylvester Brownell 
Benjamin Coe 
Isaac Barker 
Enoch Steadman 
Maj. William Humphrey 
Godfrey King 
Ichabod Simmons 

Briggs Farm 
Little Compton Commons 


Little Compton 

Caleb Logee 

Ariel Ballon 

David Ballon 

Duty Ballou 

Levi Ballou 

Maj. Noah Ballou 

]\Iaj. Reuben Ballou 

Ariel Cook 

Levi Tower 

Surg. William Whitaker 

Capt. David Sayles 

Jesse Brown 

Amaziah Weatherhead 

Benjamin Tingley 

Nathaniel Cook 

Oliver Harris 

Solomon Peck 

Dr. Nathan Leonard 

John Harding 

Richard Harding 

New Shoreham 
Family Ground, Dist. ii 
Family Ground, Dist. lo " 


Asa Palmer's Place 


ou Meeting House 


Ballou, Ashton 

Diamond Hill 
Diamond Hill Plain 
Arnold's Mills 

Lakeside East Providence 
Little Neck " 

(BrnhtB of IRpboIuttnnary i^olbtprH 



John Humphrey 

William Jones 

Sylvester Viall 

John Viall 

Nathaniel Viall 

Dr. Solomon Drown, 

Lemuel Foster 

Caleb Arnold 

Capt. William Arnold 

Sergt. Benjamin Hawkins 

William Borden Kinsf 

Little Neck 

East Providence 

Mt. Hygeia Foster 
Foster Yard, Moosup Valley 
Arnold Burying Ground Glocester 

Jeremiah Manton 

Lieut. -Col. Daniel Manton 

Col. Israel Angell 

Ensign Holliman Potter 

Sergt. Israel Arnold 

Capt. Stephen Olney 

Fenner Angell 

Capt. William Baker 

Gen. William Barton 

Maj. Jonathan Bates 

Capt. Abial Brown 

Capt. Allen Brown 

John Brown 

Obadiah Brown, Jr. 

Jonathan Cady 

James Calder 

Gov. Nicholas Cook 

Samuel S. Dexter 

Samuel Dunwell 

Samuel Eath forth 

Charles Freeman 

Monument to "French Allies" 

Surgeon Stephen Gano 

Charles Haskell (colrd.) 

Tisdale Farm 
King Burying Ground 
Hartford Pike 
Manton Avenue 


Quaker Church Yard, Saylesville, Lincoln 
Farm North Providence 
North Burial Ground Providence 


U. i. i'nrtpty of tl|p i>. A. IS. 



Hon. Stephen Hopkins Noi 

-th Burial Ground 


Benjamin E. Jones 


Dr. John Mawney 

Samuel McGlellen ' 

Col. Christopher Olney 

Col. Jeremiah Olney ' 

Capt. William Page ' 

Capt. William Peck 

James Sabin ' 

John Slocum ' 

Maj. Simeon Thayer ' 

]\Iaj. John Whipple ' 

Capt. William Whipple ' 

Lieut. Henry Alexander 

Swan Point 

Thomas Benedict 

Col. Jabez Bowen 

Dr. Pardon Bowen 

Dr. William Bowen 

Capt. Benajah Carpenter 

Amos Chase 

Thomas Coles 

Lieut. Pierre Donville 

Capt. Thomas Dring 

John Gonsolve 


John Harwood 

Jotham Ham 

Barnet Hawkins 

Benjamin Hoppin 


John Howland 

Barnabas Jones 


Capt. William Jones 


Robert Knight 


Col. Samuel Lyman 


Capt. Joseph Carlo Mauran 


Oliver Paine 


Lawton Spencer 


Col. John Spurr 


(BrubvB of IJpbnlutionary ^oltiiprs 


Col. Benjamin Tallman 
Commodore Esek Hopkins 
Col. Israel Manchester 
Capt. Eben Thompson 
Col. Ephraim Bovven 
Charles Lippitt 
Lieut. Jesse Angell 
Ezekiel Bishop 
Capt. Benjamin Boss 
Lieut. -Col. Joseph Knight 
Simeon Rounds 
Capt. Jonathan Smith 
Rheuben Place 
Nathan Arnold 
Joseph Capron 
Silas Clarke 
Peleg Arnold 
Jonathan Andrews 
Joseph Bartlett 

Cemetery Town 

Grace Church Providence 
Hopkins Park 

Locust Grove " 

St. John's Churchyard " 

E. Aldrich's Estate Scituate 
N. Randall's Farm 
Boss' Farm 

N. W. of Greenville Smithfield 

Vose Woonsocket 




Bartlett Farm 


David Clarke 
Col. John Gavitt 
Augustus J. Lewis 
Capt. Joseph Willcox 
Caleb Arnold 
William Greene 
Ensign Jonathan Lilli 
Christopher Brown, 
Joseph Braman 
Thomas Brightman 
Peleg Card 
Capt. Joshua Davis 
Langworthy Pierce 
William Reynolds 
Job Sherman 

Kenyon Charlestown 
On Post Road 

Lewis Lot " 

Willcox Farm " 

Clarke S. Greene Farm " 

bridge Lillibridge Farm 

Ashaway Hopkinton 
Hope Valley " 

Brightman's Hill 
Quidnesset Neck North Kingstown 
Davisville " " 

Slocumville " " 

Elmgrove, Wickford " " 

Edward Early's Farm " " 


K 3. i'nrirty of ll|f B. A. IS. 

Allen Greene 

Edward Perry 

Maj. William Lamb Clark 

Levi Totten 

Col. Harry Eabcock Over 

Joshua Babcock 

Nathan Barber 

Clarke Hiscox 

Col. Thomas Noyes 

San ford Noyes 

Sergt. William S. Peckhani 

Ensign Amos Pendleton 

Capt. John Pendleton 

Col. James Rhodes 

Stephen Saunders 

Walter White 

Cemetery Town 

Greene Burial Ground Richmond 

H. P. Clarke's Farm " 

Burying Ground South Kingstown 

Riverside " " 

Pawcatuck River, Conn. W^esterly 

Babcock Ground 

Barber Ground 

Near Steadman Farm 

Noyes Burial Ground 

Stillman Ground 

River Bend 

Pendleton Ground 

Potter's Hill 

Saunders' Ground 

Dixon Farm 


Name County 

Lieut. Philip Hathaway, Jr. Assonet 

Tozvn and State 
Freetown, Mass. 

Members of the Committee on ]\Iarking Graves of Revolu- 
tionary Soldiers and Sailors : 

John Taggart Blodgett 
Joseph Balch 
^George Thomas Hart 
Orray Tillinghast Mason 

* George Thomas Hart resigned Feb. 22, 1910, and Herbert 
Morton Clarke was appointed April 20, 19 10, a member of 
the committee. 

lEhpttta Srlatittg to tl|p Amrrtran Ipbnlultnn 

October 1, 1768. — Arrival of British troops at Boston. 

July 19, 1769. — British armed sloop Liberty scuttled and sunk by 
the people of Newport, R. I.— the first overt act. 

March 5, 1770.— Boston massacre. 

March 5, 1770.— Act repealing all duties except that on tea. 

June 10, 1772. — British schooner Gaspee burned near Providence. 

December 16, 1773.— Boston "tea party." 

March 31, 1774.— Boston "Port Bill," forbidding any kind of mer- 
chandise from being imported into Boston. 

May 20, 1774.— Charter of Massachusetts annulled and people 
declared rebels by Parliament. 

September 5, 1774.— The first Continental Congress at Philadelphia. 

November 4, 1774.— Declaration of Rights by Congress. 


February 9. — Both houses of Parliament present an address to the 
king, declaring existence of a rebellion in Massachusetts, and pledging 
lives and property for its suppression. 

February 26. — First forcible resistance at Salem, Mass. 
March 2.— Tea burned at Market Square, Providence, R. I. 
April 18-19.— Ride of Paul Revere and William Dawes. 
April 19. — Battles of Lexington and Concord. 
April 21. — Massachusetts Militia begins blockade of Boston. 
April 22.— One thousand Militia of Rhode Island either started or 
were ready to start for the seat of war on the reception of the news of 
the Battle of Lexington. 

-Engagement at Martha's Vineyard, Mass. 
-Capture of Ticonderoga by Ethan Allen. 
I. — The second Continental Congress. 
. — "Lexington alarm" posted in' Charleston, S. C. 

-Seth Warner takes Crown Point. 
. — Engagement at Fort St. John, Canada. 
.. — Benedict Arnold attacks St. John's. 

-Mecklenburg (N. C.) Declaration of Independence. 
-Engagement at Grape Island, Mass. 
. — Engagement at Hogg Island, Mass. 
-Engagement at Noddle's Island, Mass. 
June 12. — The Margaretta seized at Machias, Me. 





















no IS. 31. ^omty of % i>. A. S. 

June 1'). — First naval engagement of the Revolution between 
Colonial sloop, commanded by Capt. Abraham Whipple, and a tender 
of British frigate "Rose." Tender chased on to Conanicut shore, R. I., 
and captured. 

June 15. — Washington's nomination as Commander-in-Chief con- 
firmed by Congress. 

June 17.— Battle of Bunker Hill. 

June 17. — Congress elects four Major-Generals, viz.: Ward, Lee, 
Schuyler and Putnam. 

June 17 to March, 1776. — Siege of Boston. 

June 23. — Nathanael Greene chosen Brigadier-General. 

June 25. — Washington arrives at New York on his way to Cam- 

July 2. — Washington takes command of the army at Cambridge. 

July 3. — Washington begins siege of Boston. 

July 6. — Congress sets forth the causes and necessity of taking up 

July 8. — Engagement at Roxbury, Mass. 

July 20. — National fast day. 

July 27. — Gen. Gage at Boston surrenders command of army to 
Gen. Howe and becomes Civil Governor. 

August 9. — British naval attack on Gloucester, Mass., beaten off. 

August 14. — Anniversary of August 14, 1765, when first opposition 
was made to ministerial plan for enslaving the colonies, celebrated by 
the Sixth Brigade, Col. James Frye, at Cambridge, Mass. 

August 23. — Citizens of New York City removed 21 cannon from 
the BatterJ^ under the fire of the Asia, British man of war. 

August 30. — Schuyler invades Canada. 

September 1. — Gage's men and tlie Tories cut down the Liberty 
Tree, south end of Boston. 

September 14. — Engagement at Fort Johnson, S. C. 

September 18. — Battle at St. Johns, Canada. 

September 26. — Capture of Montreal by Montgomery. 

September 26. — Capture of Ethan Allen by British at Long Point. 

September 30. — Skirmish at Stonington, Conn. 

October 5. — Origin of American Navy, Congress authorizing 
Washington to employ two armed vessels. October 15, two more 
authorized ; and on November 1, two more. 

October 7. — Bristol, R. L, bombarded by Capt. Wallace. 

October 18. — Surrender of Fort Chambly, Canada. 

October 18. — Falmouth, Me. (now Portland), bombarded by 
British fleet and burned. 

October 26. — First gun fired in Virginia ; Americans repulse at- 
tempt to land at Hampton. 

iEliptttH Uplattng to ti}t Ktmnmn ISfboiutton 

1 1 1 

October 27. — First battle in Virginia ; British renew attempt to 
land and are beaten off with loss. 

October. — The king proclaims the Americans as rebels. 

October 31. — Carleton repulsed by Montgomery at crossing of St. 
Lawrence, near Montreal. 

November 3. — Montgomery captures fort at St. Johns, Canada. 

November 5. — Esek Hopkins appointed by Congress Commodore 
U. S. N. 

November 7. — Lord Dunmore proclaims martial law in Virginia. 

November 7. — Gov. Wanton of Rhode Island formally deposed. 

November 9. — Engagement at Phipps Farm. Mass. 

November 13. — Montgomery captures Montreal. 

December 8. — Siege of Quebec begins. 

December 9. — Battle of Great Bridge, Va., near Norfolk; British 

December 22. — Engagement at Cane Brake, S. C. 

December 31. — Assault upon Quebec and death of Montgomery 
(Montgomery was born at Swords, near Feltrim, Ireland, December 2, 
1736) ; Arnold wounded. 


January 1. — Norfolk, Va., bombarded and burned by the British. 

January 1. — Tri-colored American flag, 13 stripes, with crosses of 
St. George and St. Andrew on a blue field, were first unfurled over 
Washington's army at Boston. 

January 1. — Free negroes first stand in ranks of army with white 

January 5. — New Hampshire formed a government. 

January 8. — Battle of Charlestown, Mass. 

February 4. — Clinton dropped anchor in New York Bay. 

February 14. — Engagement at Dorchester Neck, Mass. 

February 27. — Engagement at Morris Creek Bridge, S. C. 

March 1. — South Carolina instructed her delegates for Independ- 

March 4. — Washington fortifies Dorchester heights. 

March 7. — Engagement at Hutchinson's Island, Ga. 

March 8. — Engagement at Nook's Hill, Mass. 

March 17. — Evacuation of Boston by British. 

March 20. — Washington's triumphal entry to Boston. 

March 23. — Congress authorizes privateers. 

March 26.— South Carolina's provisional constitution. 

March 29. — Lee invested with command south of the Potomac. 

March 29.— Both branches of the Massachusetts Legislature thank 

112 2J. 31. Botist^ of % B. A. E. 

April 1. — Wooster takes command at Quebec. 

April 5. — Georgia instructs her delegates for Independence. 

April 5. — Gen. Washington in Providence. 

April 6. — Congress throws open the commerce of thirteen colonies 
to the world "not subject to King of Great Britain." 

April 14. — North Carolina resolves in favor of Independence. 

May 1. — Massachusetts expunges name of king from legal pro- 
ceedings and assumes her own name. 

May 4. — Rhode Island renounces allegiance to the king. 

May 15. — Virginia directs her delegates to propose Independence 
in Congress. 

May 15. — Congress passes the measure for instituting governments 
by the people. 

May 17. — National fast. 

May 19. — Battle of the Cedars, Canada. 

May 26. — Engagement at Vaudreuil, Canada. 

June 8. — Engagement at Three Rivers, Canada. 

June 11. — New York virtually declares for Independence. 

June 12. — Virginia proclaims the rights of man. 

June 14. — Connecticut instructs her delegates for Independence. 

June 14. — Connecticut substituted name of people for that of king. 

June 15. — Delaware comes out for Independence. 

June 15. — New Hampshire declares for Independence. 

June 16. — Engagement at Chambly, Canada. 

June 24. — Engagement at Isle aux Noix, Canada. 

June 24. — Pennsylvania instructs for Independence. 

June 28. — Maryland declares for Independence. 

June 28. — British repulse at Fort Moultrie, Charleston, S. C. 

June 28-29.— Battle at Fort Sullivan, S. C. 

July 2. — New Jersey adopts her own charter. 

July 4. — Declaration of Independence. 

July 9. — New York joins the Union. 

July 9. — Leaden statue of King George in Bowling Green, New- 
York City, pulled down by the people and afterwards cast into 42,000 

July 9. — By order of Washington, the Declaration of Independence 
read at the head of each brigade. 

July 10. — Vergennes admits Silas Deane to an interview. 

July 12. — Draft of Confederation brought into Congress. 

July 14. — Lord Howe sent letter to Washington, addressing him as 
a private citizen. 

July 15. — Engagement at Rayborn Creek, S. C. 

July 18. — Declaration of Independence formally approved by 
Rhode Island. 

lEb^ntH ISpIatmg tn titp Aitiprtran ISriJoIutinn r 13 

July 20. — Silas Deane requests from Vergennes 200 cannon and 
arms and clothing for 25,000 men. 

July 20. — Overhill Cherokees beaten at Island Flats by the Ten- 

July 22. — Congress authorizes the exchanging of prisoners of war. 

July 24. — Engagement at Sorrel River, Canada. 

August 2. — Formal signing of Declaration of Independence on 
parchment by all but two, who signed November 4, 1776, and in 1781. 

August 7. — Hancock, privateer, brought into Portsmouth, N. H., 
a three-decker, the Reward, loaded with cotton, rum, molasses and nine 

August 9. — Nathanael Greene made Major-General by Congress. 

August 10. — Declaration of Independence read publicly at Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

August 20. — Fight in the Hudson River between American fire 
ships and British men-of-war ; the latter forced to retire. 

August 22-23. — Engagement at Flatbush, L. I. 

August 26. — Battle at Valley Grove, L. I. 

August 27.— Battle of Long Island. 

August 29-30. — Americans retreat from Long Island. 

September 11. — Battle of Lake Champlain between Arnold and 

September 13.— British land in New York, Hudson River side. 

September 15.— British land in New York near Stuyvesant's house 
in the Bowery, East River side. Americans retreat and Putnam saved 
by Mrs. Mary Lindley Murray. 

September 16.— Battle of Harlem Heights, N. Y. 

September 20. — Delaware adopts a Constitution. 

September 21. — Large part of New York City burned. 

September 21. — Capture of Nathan Hale in New York by British. 

September 22. — Hanging of Nathan Hale in New York City. 

September 28. — Pennsylvania adopts a Constitution. 

October 11. — Arnold's flotilla defeated on Lake Champlain. 

October 12.— Skirmish at Throg's Neck, N. Y. 

October 18. — Engagement at Pell's Point, N. Y. 

October 18. — Engagement at New Rochelle, N. Y. 

October 28.— Battle of White Plains, near New York City. 

November 3. — Carleton abandons Crown Point and retreats. 

November 9. — Maryland adopts a Constitution. 

November 16. — British capture Fort Washington above New York 

November 16. — Engagement at Cook Hill Fort, N. Y. 

November 16.— Battle at Fort Tyron, N. Y. 

November 16. — Engagement at Harlem Cove, N. Y. 

114 E. 31. i'omty nf % ^. A. IS. 

November 16. — Battle at Fort George, N. Y. 

November 18. — Fort Lee across the river abandoned. 

November 20. — Engagement at Fort Cum.berland, Nova Scotia. 

December 1. — Battle of Brunswick. 

December 7. — Benjamin Franklin reaches France in the "Reprisal," 
with two captured British brigantines. 

December 8. — British fleet takes possession of Newport. 

December 8. — Washington crossed the Delaware River into Penn- 

December 13. — Capture of Gen. Lee by British. 

December 17. — Battle of Springfield, N. J. 

December 18. — North Carolina completes her Constitution. 

December 25. — Washington's famous re-crossing the Delaware 
into New Jersey, near Trenton. 

December 2.5-26. — Battle of Trenton and Washington's return in 
triumph into Pennsylvania. 

December 29. — Washington advances again into Jersey. 

December 30. — Commissioners sent to France. 


January 2. — Second engagement at Trenton, N. J. 

January 3. — Battle of Princeton. 

January 10. — Engagement at Fogland Ferry, R. L 

January 12. — Death of Gen. Hugh Mercer from wounds in the 
recent battle. 

January 17. — Battle at Kingsbridge, N. Y. 

January 20. — Battle of Somerset C. H., N. J. 

January 22. — Engagement at Millstone, N. J. 

January 25. — Engagement at West Farms, N. Y. 

January 29. — Engagement at Augusta, Ga. 

February 2-4.— Battle at Fort IMcIntosh, Ga. 

February 5. — Georgia adopts a Constitution. 

March 8.— Engagement at Punk Hill, Amboy, N. J. 

March 16. — Engagement at Ward's House, Westchester, Co., N. Y. 

March 22. — Engagement at Peekskill, N. Y. 

March 24. — Engagement at Highlands, N. Y. 

April 13. — Lincoln attacked at Bound Brook, N. J. 

April 19. — Engagement at Woodbridge, N. J. 

April 20. — New York adopts a Constitution. 

April 25. — Danbury (Conn.) Raid. 

April 27. — Battle of Ridgefield, Conn. 

April 28. — Skirmi.-h at Crompo Hill, Conn. 

May 2. — Death of Gen. Wooster from wounds received at Ridge- 
field (born at Stratford, Conn., March 2, 1710). 

i£bf nlH ISrlatttrg tn tl}t Amrrtratt iSrboluttmt 1 1 5 

May 8. — Engagement at Piscataway, N. J. 

May 19. — Engagement at Amelia Island, Fla. 

May 23. — Capture of Sag Harbor on Long Island by Americans. 

June 14. — National flag (stars and stripes) adopted. 

June 16. — British re-take Crown Point. 

June 17. — Engagement at Millstone, N. J. 

June 20. — United States flag adopted. 

June 22. — Howe's retreat to Amboy. 

June 23. — Act of Congress forming a "Corps of Invalids." 

June 26. — Engagement at Short Hills, N. J. 

June 30. — Howe evacuates New Jersey. 

July 5. — Americans abandon Ticonderoga that night before Bur- 
goyne's advancing army. 

July 6. — British occupy Ticonderoga. 

July 6. — Crown Point, N. Y., evacuated by Americans. 

July 7. — Engagement at Skanesborough, N. Y. 

July 7. — Sharp light near Lake George between the Americans and 
Burgoyne's advance. Battle of Hubbardtown, Vt. 

July 8. — Engagement at Fort Anne, N. Y. 

July 10. — Capture of British General Prescott at Newport, R. I. 

July 22. — Americans abandon Eort Edward, N. Y. 

July 25. — Congress votes a sword to Lieut. -Col. William Barton 
for the capture of Pretcott. 

July 26. — Assassination of Jenny McCrea by the Indians. 

July 29. — Americans abandon Eort Edward, N. Y. 

July 31. — Lafayette appointed a Major-General. 

August 1. — Engagement at Essenecca Town, S. C. 

August 2. — Engagement at Dutch Island, R. I. 

August 4.— Battle at Eort Schuyler, N. Y. 

August 6. — Engagement at Oriskany, N. Y. 

August 6. — Americans under Herkimer ambushed at Oriskany, but 
beat off their assailants; death of Herkimer. 

August 16. — Battle of Bennington. 

August 21 and 22. — American raid from Jersey into Staten Island 
and fight with the enemy. 

August 22. — British raise the siege of Fort Schuyler, N. Y. 

August 24. — Washington with 10,000 men marched through Phila- 
delphia, southwards. 

August 25.— British land at Elk River, Md. 

September 1. — Battle of Fort Henry, Wheeling, Va. 

September 3. — Battle of Iron Hill, Delaware. 

September 5. — Wa-^hington publishes his celebrated order to the 
army before the battle of the Brandywine. 

September 11. — Battle of the Brandywine. 

ii6 1. 31. ^ortPtg of % B. A- S. 

September 18. — Battle of Lake George, N. Y. 

September 19. — Battle of Bemis Heights, near Saratoga. 

September 20.— Battle of Paoli, Pa. 

September 24. — Battle of Diamond Island, N. Y. 

September 26. — British enter Philadelphia. 

October 4. — Battle of Germantown, near Philadelphia. 

October 6. — British capture Forts Montgomery and Clinton in the 
Highlands of the Hudson River. 

October 7. — Second battle of Saratoga (Stillwater). 

October 13. — British burn Kingston, N. Y. 

October 17. — Surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga, N. Y. 

October 22.— British attack Forts Mifflin and Mercer on the Dela- 
ware, below Philadelphia, and are repulsed. 

November 5. — Articles of Confederation adopted by Congress. 

November 10.— Attack on Fort Mifflin, Pa. 

November 16. — Fort Mifflin, Pa., abandoned by Americans. 

November 20. — Fort Mercer, N. J., abandoned by Americans. 

December 6.— Battle of Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

December 7.— Battle of Edge Hill, Pa. 

December 8. — Skirmish at Whitemarsh, Pa. 

December 10. — American raid into Long Island. 

December 19. — Washington goes into Winter quarters at Valley 


January 4.— George Rogers Clark leaves Williamsburg. Va., for 
conquest of Northwest. 

January 4.— Battle of the Kegs in Delaware River. 

January 27. — American privateer captures the Fort of New Provi- 
dence and six ships. 

February 6. — Franklin secures treaty of alliance with France. 

February 9. — Articles of Confederation between the thirteen 
original States accepted by Rhode Island. 

February 14. — Rout of British party by Pickens in South Carolina. 

March 18. — Engagement at Quintan's Bridge, N. J. 

March 21. — Engagement at Hancock's Bridge, N. J. 

April 17.— Battle of Bristol, Pa. 

May 1. — Engagement at Crooked Billet, Pa. 

May 8.— Battle at Bordentown, N. J. 

May 15. — Congress passes the measure for instituting government 
by the people. 

May 15. — Resolution of Congress giving half pay for seven years 
to officers serving until end of the war. 

May 18. — The Mischianza at Philadelphia. 

iEhPttlH ISrlalittg tn tl|p Amrrtran ISpfaoIuttoM 1 1 7 

May 20. — Unsuccessful attempt of British to surround Lafayette's 
troops at Barren Hll. 

May 25. — Bristol and Warren, R. I., pillaged. 

May 31. — Engagement at Tiverton, N. J. 

June 1. — Engagement at Cobleskill, N. Y. 

June 18. — British evacuate Philadelphia. 

June 28. — Battle of Monmouth C. H., New Jersey. 

July 1 to 4. — Battle at Wyoming, Pa. 

July 3. — Massacre at Wyoming, Pa. 

July 4. — Clark captures Kaskaskia, 111., and next day, Cahokia, 111. 

July 5. — Battle at Vincennes, Ind. 

July 9. — Articles of Confederation signed by eight States. 

July 21. — North Carolina joins the Confederation. 

July 24. — Georgia joins the Confederation. 

July 29. — D'Estaing arrives at Newport with French fleet, forcing 
English to destroy ten or more of their war vessels, 212 guns. 

August 6. — Sieur Gerard, the French Minister, presented to Con- 
gress with ceremony. 

August 10. — British fleet of 34 sail having appeared before New- 
port, the French fleet came out and gave chase ; the English got away 
without a fight. 

August 28. — D'Estaing's fleet arrives in Boston. 

August 29. — Battle between Sullivan and the British in Rhode 
Island (Quaker Hill and Butts Hill). 

September 16. — Battle at Westchester, N. Y. 

September 26. — Battle at Fort Henry, Wheeling, Va. 

September 28. — Battle at Tappan, N. Y. 

October 6. — Engagement at Chestnut Creek, N. J. 

October 15. — Engagement at Mincock Island, N. J. 

October 28. — British galley "Pigot" captured by the "Hawk," under 
command of Maj. Silas Talbot. 

November 10. — Massacre at Cherry Valley, N. Y. 

November 19. — Engagement at Spencer's Hill, Bulltown Swamp, 

November 24. — Engagement at Medway Church, Ga. 

November 25. — New Jersey joins the Confederation. 

December 17. — British capture Vincennes, Ind. 

December 25. — Engagement at Young's House, Four Corners, 
N. Y. 

December 29. — British capture Savannah, Ga. 


January 9. — British capture Fort Sunbury, Ga. 
January 29. — British capture Augusta, Ga. 

ii8 5S. 31. ^0mly of % B, A. IS. 

February . . . — Putnam's ride at Horse Neck, Conn. 

February 3. — Engagement at Beaufort, S. C. 

February 3. — Engagement at Port Royal, S. C. 

February 10. — Engagement at Car's Fort. Ga. 

February 14. — Engagement at Cherokee Fort, S. C. 

February 14. — Engagement at Kettle Creek, Ga. 

February 24. — Clark captures Vincennes. 

February 26. — Engagement at Horse Neck, Conn. 

March 3.— Battle of Brier Creek, Ga. 

March 26. — Engagement at West Greenwich, Conn. 

April 20.— Battle of Onondagas, N. Y. 

April 27. — Engagement at Middletovvn, N. J. 

May 5. — Delaware joins the Confederation. 

May 8. — British fleet take Norfolk and Portsmouth. 

May 11. — Norfolk, Va., occupied by the British. 

May 11. Engagement at Charleston Neck, S. C. 

June 1. — British capture Stony Point on the Hudson River. 

June 19. — Battle of Greenwich, Conn. 

June 20. — Engagement at Stone Ferry, S. C. 

June 28. — Engagement at Hickory Hill, Ga. 

July 2. — Engagement at Bedford, N. Y. 

July 2. — Engagement at Poundbridge, N. Y. 

July 5. — Tyron's raid on New Haven. 

July 7. — Fairfield, Conn., burned by British. 

July 11. — Norwalk, Conn., burned by British. 

July 15. — Wayne recaptures Stony Point about midnight. 

July 18. — Americans capture Jersey City. 

July 22. — Battle and massacre at Minisink, N. Y. 

August 3. — Chevalier de la Luzerne, French Minister, arrived in 
Boston and was received with salutes, etc. 

August 5. — First battle of Morrisania, N. Y. 

August 11. — Col. Brodhead left Pittsburgh with 600 men for raid 
into the Indian country. 

August 11. — Resolution of Congress granting half pay for life to 
officers serving until the end of the war. 

August 13. — Massachusetts fleet of 37 small vessels, besieging 
British fort at mouth of Penobscot River, attacked and detroyed by 
enemy's fleet. 

August 19. — Major Lee captures the British garrison at Paulus 
Hook, Weehawken. 

August 22. — Sullivan's victorious march from Tioga into the 
Indian country begun. 

August 29. — Tories and Indians defeated at Elmira, N. Y. 

August 30.— Battle at Tarrytown, N. Y. 

iEhntlH IJplaltttg to itir Amrrtran iSpbolutton 1 1 9 

September 1. — D'Estaing captures four British men-of-war off 

September 5. — Battle at Lloj^d's Neck, N. Y. 

September 12. — Americans besiege Savannah, Ga. 

September 14. — Battle at Genesee, N. Y. 

September 23.— "Bon Homme Richard"' captures the "Serapis" off 
the coast of Scotland. 

October 8. — Repulse of French and Americans at Savannah. 
D'Estaing sails for France. 

October 9.— Battle at Chemung, N. Y. 

October 19. — End of siege at Savannah, Ga. 

October 25. — British evacuate Newport. 

November 7. — Engagement at Jeft'erd's Neck, N. Y. 


January 18. — Engagement at East Chester, N. Y. 

January 25. — Engagement at Elizabethtown and Newark, N. J. 

February 3. — Engagement at Young's House, Four Corners, N. Y. 

April 14. — Battle of Monk's Corner, S. C. 

April 15. — Engagement at New Bridge, N. J. 

April 16. — Skirmish at Paramus, N. J. 

April 24. — Sortie from Charleston, S. C. 

May 6. — Engagement at Lanneau's Ferry, S. C. 

May 7.— Battle at Fort Moultrie, S. C. 

May 8. — Engagement at Sullivan's Island, S. C. 

May 12. — Capture of Charleston, S. C, by British. 

May 22.— Battle of Johnstown, N. Y. 

May 29. — Engagement at Waxhaws, S. C. 

June 6. — Engagement at Elizabethtown, N. J. 

June 7 to 23. — Engagement at Connecticut Farms, N. J. 

June 23.— Battle of Springfield, N. J. 

July 10. — Rochambeau, with second French fleet, lands at New- 
port, 6000 troops. 

July 12. — Sumpter whips a British detachment at Cross Roads in 
Carolina, the first success of the year. 

July 21. — Engagement at Blockhouse, Tom's River, N. J. 

July 21. — British fleet of 16 ships appear off Newport and hover 
about the coast. Governor Heath asks Connecticut for 1,000 militia. 

July 30. — British fleet leaves anchorage at Block Island and sails 

July 30. — Engagement at Fort Anderson, S. C. 

July 30. — Engagement at Rocky Mount, S. C. 

August 1. — Battle of Green Springs, S. C. 

August 2. — Battle of Mohawk Valley, N. Y. 

I20 IS. i. ^ortPlQ nf tl|r 0. A. SJ. 

August 6. — Americans surprise and defeat British at Hanging 
Rock, S. C. Andrew Jackson began his military career in this battle. 

August 8. — Engagement at Cedar Springs, S. C. 

August 15. — Engagement at Ford of the Wateree, S. C. 

August 16. — Battle of Camden, S. C. Gates defeated. 

August 18. — Engagement at Fishing Creek and Mulgrove Mills, 
S. C. 

August 20. — Engagement at Great Savannah (Nelson's Ferry), 
S. C. 

September 12. — Battle of Cane Creek, N. C. 

September 14. — Battle of Fort Grierson, Augusta, Ga. 

September 15. — Battle of White House, Ga. 

September 21. — Battle of Wahab's Plantation, S. C. 

September 23. — Capture of Major Andre. 

September 25. — Flight of Benedict Arnold to the British. 

September 26.— Battle of Charlotte, N. C. 

October 2. — Hanging of Andre. 

October 4. — Arnold's men dropped from the rolls. 

October 7. — Battle of King's Mountain, S. C. 

October 15. — Engagement at Middleburg, N. Y. 

October 17. — Engagement at Schoharie, N. Y. 

October 19. — Engagement at Fort Keyser, N. Y. 

October 21. — Engagement at Klock's Field, N. Y. 

October 21. — Congress reaffirms resolution as to half pay for life 
to officers serving until end of war. 

October 25. — Engagement at Black River and Tarcote Swamp, 
S. C. 

October 29.— Engagement at German Flats, N. Y. 

November 9. — Engagement at Fish Dam Ford, S. C. 

November 12.— Battle of Broad River, S. C. 

November 20. — Battle of Black Stock, Tyge River, S. C. 

November 23. — Capture of Fort George, L. I., by Major Tall- 

December 2. — War between England and Holland. 

December 4. — Engagement at Long Cane, S. C. 

December 4. — Engagement at Pugley's Mills, S. C. 

December 9. — Engagement at Horse Neck, Conn. 


January 5. — Arnold burns Richmond, Va. 
January 8. — Engagement at Charles City Court House, Va. 
January 17.— Battle of Cowpens, S. C. Morgan annihilates 

January 22. — Engagement at Morrisania, N. Y. 

lEbrntB Hrlattttg to tl|p Amrrtratt iSrbnlwtton 


February 1. — Engagement at Cowan's Ford, X. J. 

February 1. — Engagement at Terrence Tavern, X. C. 

February 1. — Engagement at Wilmington, X. C. 

February 6. — Engagement at Shallow Ford, X. C. 

February 12.— Engagement at Bruce Cross Roads, N. C. 

February 25.— Engagement at Haw River, X. C. 

Alarch 2.— Engagement at Clapp's Mills, X. C. 

March 2. — Articles of Confederation adopted by the States. 

March 6.— Engagement at Wetzell's Mills, X. C. 

March G-14.— Washington at Xewport, Bristol and Providence 
R. I. 

.March 15.— Battle of Guilford C. H., X. C. 

April 12.— Battle of Fort Balfour, S. C. 

April lo to 23.— Engagement at Fort Watson, S. C. 

April 16.— Siege at Augusta, Ga., April 16 to June 5. 

April 2.J.— Battle of Hobkirk's Hill, S. C. 

April 25.— Battle of Camden, S. C. 

April 25.— Battle of Petersburg, Va. 

April 25.— Battle of Hillsborough, X. C. 

April 27.— Engagement at Osborn's, S. C. 

May 10.— Camden, S. C, burned by British. 

May 11. — Engagement at Orangeburg, S. C. 

May 12.— Engagement at Fort Motte, S. C. 

May 14. — Engagement at Croton River, X. Y. 

May 14.— Engagement at Xelson's Ferry, S. C. 

May 15.— Engagement at Fort Granby, S. C. 

]May 21.— Engagement at Silver Bluff, S. C. 

May 21.— Engagement at Fort Galpin, Ga. 

May 24. — Engagement at Augusta, Ga. 

June 5. — Colonel Lee takes Augusta. Ga. 

June 17.— Congress admits hospital and medical officers to benefits 
of half pay for life. 

June 26. — Engagement at Spencer's Tavern, Va. 

June 26.— Engagement at Rahway Meadow, X. J. 

July 3.— Engagement at Kingsbridge, X^ Y. 

July 6.— Engagement at Jamestown Ford, Va, 

July 6.— Engagement at Green Springs, Va. 

July 9.— Battle of Currytown, X. Y. 

July 11. — Savannah evacuated by the British. 

July 13.— Xinety-six, S. C, evacuated by the British. Greene sends 
troops to menace Charleston. 

July 15.- Engagement at Tarrytown, X. Y. 

July 17.— Engagement at Quimby's Bridge, S. C. 

July 21.— Cornwallis receives orders to hold the Chesapeake. 

122 1. i. g>nnpty nf tlir B, A. K 

August 4. — Colonel Isaac Hayne brutally hanged in Charleston by 
the British. 

August 23. — Engagement at Warwarsing. N. Y. 

August 30. — Engagement at Parker's Ferry, S. C. 

August 31. — Washington, Rochambeau and Chastellux, with their 
staff officers, were received in Philadelphia with public rejoicings. 
Washington paid his respects to Congress. 

September 1. — Battle of West Haven, Conn. 

September 5. — Naval fight in the Chesapeake between De Grasse 
and Graves. 

September 6. — New London burned by the British and the garrison 
of Fort Griswold menaced. 

September 8. — Battle of Eutaw Springs, S. C. 

September 10. — Some unknown person broke into the State House 
at Philadelphia and defaced Washington's picture. 

September 13.— Battle of Lindley's Mills, N. C. 

September 13.— Battle of Hillsborough, N. C. 

September 30. — Siege of Yorktown begun. 

October 10. — Engagement at Threadwell Neck, N. Y. 

October 14. — Americans capture the redoubt at Yorktown. 

October 16. — Engagement at Monk's Corner, N. Y. 

October 19. — Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. 

October 24. — Engagement at Johnson Hall, N. Y. 

October 30. — Engagement at Jerseyfield, N. Y. 


March 4. — Third engagement at Morrisania, N. Y. 

March 20. — British Ministry resign. 

April 12. — Rodney defeats De Grasse in West Indies. 

May 21. — Engagement at Ogechee Road, Ga. 

May 24. — Engagement near Sharon, Ga. 

June 23. — Engagement at Ebenezer, Ga. 

July 10. — Franklin's interview with Oswald in which he laid down 
his ultimatum. 

July 11. ^British evacuate Savannah. 

August 18.— Battle of Blue Licks. Ky. 

August 27. — Battle of Combahee Ferry, S. C. Last action of the 
war, 7 years, 4 months and 5 days after Lexington. 

November 30. — Preliminary Treaty of Peace signed at Paris. 

December 14. — Charleston evacuated by British. 


March 22. — Congress grants to officers of the army and navy full 
pay for five years in lieu of pro'mised half pay for life. 

IcbpiitB IRplattng to iI?p Amfriratt Stpfanlutton 1 23 

April 19. — Date on which hostilities ceased by ratification of 
Treaty of Peace on that day by Congress. Proclaimed to the army at 

May 13. — Organization of the Society of the Cincinnati. 

May 23. — Death of James Otis at Andover (born at West Barn- 
stable, Mass., February .5, 1725). 

September 3. — Definitive Treaty of Peace signed at Paris. 

November 3. — American Army to be disbanded. Congress passing 
a resolution to that effect. 

November 25. — New York evacuated by the British. 

December 4. — Washington's farewell to his officers at Faunce's 
Tavern, N. Y. 

December 23. — Washington resigns his commission at Annapolis, 


July 6, 1785. — Standard of the American dollar established. 

August 17, 1785. — Death of Jonathan Trumbull of Connecticut 
(born in Lebanon, Conn., October 12, 1710). 

February 13, 1789.— Death of Ethan Allen at Burlington, Vt. (born 
in Litchfield, Conn., January 10, 1737). 

March 4, 1789. — First Congress under the Constitution. 

April 30, 1789. — Washington inaugurated first President of the 
United States. 

September 17, 1787. — The Constitution reported to Congress. 

December 3, 1787. — Delaware ratified the Constitution. 

December 13, 1787. — Pennsylvania ratified the Constitution. 

December 19, 1787.— New Jersey ratified the Constitution. 

January 2, 1788. — Georgia ratified the Constitution. 

January 9, 1788. — Connecticut ratified the Constitution. 

February 6, 1788. — Massachusetts ratified the Constitution. 

April 28, 1788. — Maryland ratified the Constitution. 

April 28, 1788. — South Carolina ratified the Constitution. 

June 21, 1788. — New Hampshire ratified the Constitution. 

June 25, 1788. — Virginia ratified the Constitution. 

June 27, 1788. — New York ratified the Constitution. 

November 13, 1788. — North Carolina ratified the Constitution. 

April 17, 1790.— Death of Benjamin Franklin, at Philadelphia 
(born in Boston, January 17, 1706). 

May 19, 1790. — Death of Gen. Israel Putnam, at Brooklyn, Conn. 
(born in what is now Danvers, Mass., January 7, 1718). 

May 29, 1790. — Rhode Island ratified the Constitution. 

July 31, 1790. — First American patent issued. 

1 24 S. 31. ^ortpty of tl|p ^. A. IS. 

August 6, 1790. — Senate passes House bill granting pensions to 
those disabled by known wounds. 

November 28, 1794. — Death of Baron Steuben, at Steubensville. 
N. Y. (born in Magdeburg, Prussia, November 15, 1730). 

July 11, 1796. — Detroit (and the Northwest) evacuated by the 

December 7, 1796. — Washington's farewell. 

January 23, 1795.— Death of Gen. John Sullivan at Durham, N. H. 
(born in Berwick, Me., February 17, 1740). 

December 15, 1796. — Death of Gen. Anthony Wayne at Presque 
Isle (now Erie), Pa. (born at East Town, Pa., January 1, 1745). 

June 6, 1799.— Death of Patrick Henry at Red Hill, Va. (born at 
Studley, Va., May 29, 1736). 

December 14, 1799. — Death of Washington (born at Pope's Creek, 
Va., February 22, 1732). 

January 20, 1800. — Death of Gen. Thomas Miffln at Lancaster, Pa. 
(born in Philadelphia in 1744). 

June 14, 1801. — Death of Benedict Arnold at London (born at 
Norwich, Conn., January 14, 1741). 

July 6, 1802. — Death of Gen. Daniel Morgan at Winchester, Va. 
(born in New Jersey about 1736). 

July 12, 1804. — Alexander Hamilton killed in a duel at New York 
(born in the Island of Nevis, W. I., January 11, 1757). 

October 25, 1806. — Death of Gen. Henry Knox at Thomaston, Me. 
(born at Boston, July 25, 1750). 

May 10, 1807.— Death of Rochambeau in France (born at Vendom, 
July 1, 1725). 

October 1, 1807. — Death of John Peter Gabriel Muhlenburg. near 
Philadelphia (born at Trappe, Pa., October 1. 1746.) 

December 3, 1807. — Death of Gen. Samuel B. Webb at Claverack, 
N. Y. (born in Wethersfield, Conn.. December 15, 1753). 

May 20, 1834. — Death of Lafayette in Paris (born in his castle at 
Chavagnac in Auvergne, September 6, 1757). 

(Eapturf nf Prpsrott 

List of followers of Lieut. -Col. Barton at the capture of 
Prescott : 

Andrew Stanton 
Ebenezer Adams 


Samuel Potter 
John Wilcox 


Joshua Babcock Samuel Phillips 

Benjamin Prew 
James Potter 
Henry Fisher 
James Parker 
Joseph Guild 
Nathan Smith 
Isaac Brown 
Billington Crumb 
James Haines 
Samuel Apis 
Alderman Crank 
Oliver Simmons 
Jack Sherman 
Joel Briggs 
Clark Packard 
Samuel Cory- 
James Weaver 
Clark Crandall 


Sampson George 

Joseph Ralph 

Jedediah Grenale 

Richard Hare 

Daniel Wale 

Joseph Denis 

William Brufif 

Charles Havett 

Pardon Cory 

Thomas Wilcox 

Jeremiah Thomas 

John Hunt 

Thomas Austin 

Daniel Page, a Narragansett 

Jack or Tack Sisson. the 
black, and boatsteerer 

Howe or Whiting, boat- 

126 IS. K. ^nrtPlQ nf % ^, A. 

"Poetical Versi(3n of the Capture of Prescott' 

" 'Twas on a dark and stormy night — 
The wind and waves did roar — 
Bold Barton then, with forty men, 
Went down upon the shore. 

"And in a whale-boat they set off 
To Rhode Island fair. 
To catch a redcoat General 
Who then resided there. 

"Through British fleets and guard-boats strong 
They held their dangerous way, 
Till they arrived unto their port, 
And then did not delay. 

"A tawny son of Afric's race 
Them through the ravine led, 
And entering then the Overing house. 
They found him in his bed 

"But to get in they had no means. 
Except poor Cuffee's head, 
W'ho beat the door down, then rushed in, 
And seized him in his bed. 

" 'Stop! let me put my clothing on!' 

The General then did pray ; 
" 'Your clothing, massa, I will take ; 

For dress we cannot stay.' 

"Then through rye stubble him they led. 
With shoes and clothing none. 
And placed him in their boat quite snug. 
And from the shore were gone. 

(Uaplurp nf J^rt arott 1 2 7 

"Soon the alarm was sounded loud: 
'The Yankees they have come, 
And stolen Prescott from his bed. 
And him have carried hum.' 

"The drums were beat, sky-rockets flew% 
The soldiers shouldered arms, 
And marched around the grounds they knew, 
Filled with most dire alarms. 

"But through the fleet with muffled oars 
They held their devious way, 
And landed him on 'Gansett shores, 
Where Britons held no sway. 

"When unto land the captors came, 
Where rescue there was none, 
'A bold push this,' the General cried, 
'Of prisoners I am one.' " 

MAR 4 1912